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The Office of Technology Services (OTS) Technical Services team provides core IT infrastructure resources for Lone Star College. The Technical Services team is responsible for:

  • Network, server and storage infrastructure
  • Internet connectivity
  • Wireless network
  • Multiple data centers
  • Lone Star College's private cloud
  • Telecommunications and video systems
  • Mission-critical systems, such as email and Internet access
  • All aspects of information security


OTS adheres to the "what gets measured, gets done" principle in measuring achievement of operational goals, improving performance, and enhancing services. Metrics are used to accomlish this; they fall into four categories. The first two are operational measurements that rely on instrumentation, monitoring and logging and the latter two are gleaned through customer feedback and surveys.

Capacity. Tracks system usage consumption. Examples include: CPU, bandwidth, memory, etc.

Performance. Measures uptime and reliability of systems. Examples include: Achievement of 99.999% uptime; data transfer rates; meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Relevancy. Gauges how dependent customers are on a particular service. Helps distinguish levels of importance and prioritization of services, including those that should be discontinued.

Satisfaction. Measures customer satisfaction with particular services. Identifies areas of strength and weakness and informs continuous quality improvement efforts.

Capacity Management

OTS is reshaping its approach to capacity management to meet the challenges presented by virtual and internal cloud infrastructures. The goals of capacity management include improving service-level performance, forecasting infrastructure growth, proactive allocation of resources, and anticipating increased demand for internal cloud services. OTS uses a number of enterprise management tools to assess and optimize capacity management and is in the process of updating service levels and key performance indicators. Modern capacity management is complex and still evolving and OTS is committed to continuously improving its use at Lone Star College.