General information about using the labs and services

Can I eat in the library?

Yes and no. Covered drinks are permitted as are snacks, but please don’t eat full meals in the library. No one likes sitting down to a sticky/greasy/damp keyboard or desk! This applies to all areas of the Student Learning Resource Center.

How do I access the databases from off-campus?

First, you will need to have a student or faculty ID card made. The 14-digit number on the back is your library card number. When you try to access a databases from off-campus, you will be asked to provide your library card number as well as your 4-digit PIN, which is usually the last four digits of your phone number.

Is there Wi-Fi access?

Yes, there is a Wi-Fi network available to everyone. You will have to log in with your Lone Star username and password to have internet access. Be aware that any printing has to be done through the lab computers, however.

Where are all the books?

The LSC-University Park library is unique among the campuses by being 100% digital, meaning that all of our resources are available online through the databases. If there’s a print book you need, though, don’t worry—all circulating materials available through HCPL, MCML, and LSCS libraries can be delivered right to this campus for your convenient pick-up and return.

What's my 4-digit PIN?

This number acts as the password for your library account. Chances are, your PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number. If you need assistance figuring it out, contact the circulation desk.

Where's the lost-and-found?

The SLRC holds most items at the front desk until the end of the day, at which point they're turned in to the campus police. Important items like car keys, electronics, and identification cards are immediately handed over to the campus police. We will try to let you know if we've found something with your name on it! If you think you left something behind, ask at both the library front desk and/or the police desk at the second level entry by the parking garages.

Using the Computers:

How do I sign in to the computers?

Students can use their MyLoneStar username and password (passwords are case-sensitive; user names are not). If you are a student at one of our partner campuses, you will need to get a temporary account made or use your public library account to log in to the library computers. There are also computers in your campus spaces at LSC-University Park which you can use with your normal school sign-in.

HCPL cardholders can sign in using their library card number. Your 4-digit PIN is your password. With the presentation of a photo ID, a temporary guest account can be created for other users.

Faculty are recommended to use their own workrooms or the faculty lab down the hall. Some faculty log-ins will work on library computers, but many do not.

How do I save files I created on the library computers?

Anything saved to the computers may be deleted once you log off. To be absolutely certain you'll retain access to any files you’ve created, you should save to a flash drive or email your files to yourself or uploading them to a cloud storage service like Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

What software is available in the library?

A list of programs installed on the PCs and iMacs in the lab is available here (pdf).

Printing, Copying, & Sending:

Does the library have a scanner?

Yes. There is a computer in the lab with a scanner attached. Instructions are provided in the library on how to use it. We ask that use of this computer be limited to those who are actively using the scanner so that it has the maximum availability.

Note: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material; the person using this equipment is liable for any infringement. For more information about copyright law, the rights of copyright owners, and the right of fair use to make limited copies for purposes such as teaching, research, and study at Columbia University, visit the website of the Copyright Advisory Office at

Can I send a fax?

No. There are no publicly-available fax machines. If you need to send a fax, there are FedEx and UPS stores nearby with fax services, or you can try an online fax service like

How do I print?

Any of the computers in the lab are connected to the printer.

Tell your page to print as you normally would (e.g. by going to File > Print). After a few seconds, a window will pop up giving you a summary of how many pages you’re printing and the total cost, as well as asking for a name and optional password. The name can be anything—the important thing is to enter the same thing at the print station computer.

We do not currently have wireless printing, so if you were working from your laptop, you’ll need to switch to a lab computer in order to print.

Does printing cost money?

Black and white printing is $0.10/page, and color is $0.50/page. To pay, you will need to load money onto your student ID card or onto a print card (HCPL print cards are accepted)—there is a machine in the print room to do this. You can pay in cash in $1, $5, $10, or $20 denominations or using a debit/credit card. The machine does not make change nor accept coins. If paying with debit/credit card (Mastercard debit cards not accepted), $5 is the minimum amount that can be charged. If you need to to make change, inquire at the library front desk or at the business office on the second floor.

Can I make copies?

Yes. The library has a copy machine which accepts both change and print cards. If you use your print card, the cost per page is $0.10; otherwise the cost is $0.15 per page.

Note:  The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material; the person using this equipment is liable for any infringement. 

Student FAQs

Does the library have my textbook?

Maybe. If your instructor has placed a copy or copies of your reading materials on reserve, you may come to the library to check them for 2 hours at a time, in-library use only. You can check if we have a text available by searching the Reserves in the Library Catalog for your class. Otherwise, the library does not purchase copies of textbooks.

How do I get an ID card made or replaced?

Once you’ve enrolled as a student, have registered for classes, and have some evidence of payment pending in your account, come to the library front desk with a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) and request an ID. Library staff will create an ID within a few minutes. ID cards are valid at all the campuses, but you need to get yours made at the campus you primarily have classes at; if you primarily attend a different campus in subsequent semesters, you will not have to create a new card.

Your first ID card is free. If you’ve lost an ID and need a replacement made, the charge is $10.

How do I get tutoring?

Check the tutoring schedule to see when your subject area is being offered: there is a copy posted by the door of the Tutoring Center (12.801) as well as online here. Come by anytime during the listed hours, sign in, and a tutor will be available to help you.

How do I use the collaborative group study rooms?

Currently, the study rooms are available on a first come-first serve basis. However, as these are group study rooms, we reserve the right to ask individuals to relocate if all rooms are occupied when a group needs the space. Also, students seeking space to study receive priority over those watching movies and otherwise just hanging out.

Can you watch my stuff for me while I run this quick errand?

Your belongings are solely your responsibility while you are in the SLRC. If you need to leave, even briefly, plan on taking with you anything you can't bear to lose.

Faculty FAQs

Can I reserve use of the Teaching Gallery or Library Instruction Lab for my class?

Yes. Contact the librarians to determine if the rooms will be available. Please be aware that library use of these spaces is prioritized, however.

I’ve scheduled an instruction session with a librarian. Do I need to be there too?

Yes, absolutely. If you are unable to make it, please re-schedule with us or arrange to have a sub present.

Does the library offer free printing to faculty?

Afraid not. Faculty should print from their workrooms instead.

What do I need to get an ID badge?

You will need to come to the library circulation desk with a completed LSCS Police Dept. Access Request form signed by your supervisor as well as photo ID. The badging process takes several minutes, so please allow time for the card to be printed. The library only takes care of creating your library account, taking your picture, and printing the badge itself. Key card access is handled by the campus police.

Do I have to pay fines on late items as a faculty member?

For items that you check out from a LSCS campus library, fines will not accrue for overdue items. However, if you use your LSCS library card to check out items from a Harris County Public Library branch, you may accumulate fines which you will have to pay. Fines for HCPL can be paid online using a credit card once you've signed into your account on

Community FAQs

I'm not an LSCS student. May I still use the library?

Sure! Just keep in mind that if the library starts getting crowded, our students and faculty needing to study and work will have priority access to our resources.


Can I bring my child(ren) to the library?

You may, but please keep in mind that this library is oriented to college students: the computers do not have child-safe Internet filters, nor do we have a physical collection to provide entertainment. (But we do have Nook and Kindle tablets with kid-friendly apps & games loaded on them! Ask at the front desk if you need to check one out.) Disruptive children will need to be taken outside the library so as not to disturb studying students.

How do I get on the library computers?

Stop by the front desk to get a temporary account made. You will need to present a photo ID of some kind when you do. If you have an HCPL card, you can use your barcode as the username and 4-digit PIN as the password to sign on.