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Application Process, Eligibility, Course Offerings, Honors Scholarships

Applying to The Honors College at LSC-Montgomery

  • Students interested in participating in The Honors College at LSC-Montgomery must complete the online application available at http://www.lonestar.edu/HonorsCollegeApply.htm.
  • Once this is completed you will receive an email verifying your eligibility (or requesting additional information to help determine eligibility). After eligibility has been verified, sign up for one of the required Honors College orientations at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4faea822abfd0-honors5
  • You may then select one or more honors courses for the upcoming semester (see below) and register for class by submitting your registration request to MontgomeryHonors@LoneStar.edu or stopping by the Honors College at LSC-Montgomery, located in Bldg. G, 204 and registering in person.

Eligibility Criteria for Participation in the Honors College

Open to new or returning students with at least one of the following:

  • A high school GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • SAT Score of 1240 (combined mathematics , reading & writing) within past five years
  • ACT Score of 26 (composite) within past five years
  • 9 or more college credit hours with a minimum 3.25 GPA

SP '18 Honors Section Offerings through LSC-Montgomery

  • BIOLH.1409.4201 Reg.#12278 Honors Biology II for Non-Science Majors - TTH 12noon-2:50pm (w/Lab) Prof. Anitha Iyer
  • CHEMH.1412.4201 Reg.#12179 Honors General Chemistry II - TTH 8:00am-10:50am. Prof. Crista Force
  • GOVTH.2306.4001 Reg.#12762 Honors Texas Government - MW 1:00-2:20pm. Prof. Dana Morales
  • HISTH.1301.4201 Reg. #12743 Honors United States History to 1877- TTH 10:00am-11:20am - Prof. Betsy Powers
  • HISTH.1302.4201 Reg. #12756 Honors United States History since 1877- TTH 11:30am-12:50pm - Prof. William Morgan
  • PHILH.12306.4201 Reg.#11379 Honors Introduction to Ethics - TTH 1:00pm-2:20pm- Prof. Tim Cowan
  • PSYCH.2314.4001 Reg. #11855 Honors Lifespan, Growth & Development - MW 10:00am-11:20am - Prof. Karen Buckman
  • ENGLH.2328.4001 Reg. #9006 Honors Survey of American Literature: Civil War to Present - MW 11:30am-12:50pm - Prof. Molly Lasco

FA '17 Honors Section Offerings through LSC-Montgomery

  • BIOLH.1406.4201 Reg.#1202 Honors Biology I for Science Majors - TTH 8:30-11:20am (w/Lab) Prof. Helen McDowell
  • ARTSH.1301.4001 Reg.#8192 Honors Art Appreciation - MoWe 1:25pm-2:45pm. Prof. Mead McLean
  • GOVTH.2305.4001 Reg.#12389 Honors Federal Government - TTH 8:30-9:50am. Prof. David Kennedy
  • HISTH.1301.4001 Reg. #12562 Honors United States History to 1877- TTH 11:30am-12:50pm - Prof. William Morgan
  • HISTH.1302.4001 Reg. #13075 Honors United States History since 1877- TTH 10am-11:20am - Prof. Betsy Powers
  • PHILH.1301.4001 Reg.#4492 Honors Introduction to Philosophy - MWF 9:05am-10am- Prof. Mark Whitten
  • PSYCH.2314.4001 Reg. #9836 Honors General Psychology - TTH 10-11:20am - Prof. Karen Buckman