The Office of Technology Services (OTS) iStar Business Process Analysis and Training team is an integral component of the iStar system, Lone Star College's ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool. By interacting with subject matter experts, the trainers document learning requirements and best practices in order to design and develop instructional courseware and documentation related to iStar's Campus Solution, Finance, and Human Capital Management (Human Resource) modules.

The team develops and then inputs instruction content into a content management system to assist in developing job aids, classroom training, interactive videos, computer-assisted training, and web-based training. In addition to developing the training modules and materials, they are also responsible for scheduling and delivering training in multiple formats (face-to-face, distance, on-line) to keep Lone Star College employees up-to-date on all functions within the iStar system.

How to get training or make a training request

Visit the iStar Training site on the LSC intranet by clicking here. The iStar Training site features valuable information including a schedule of upcoming training acitivites, instructions on how to register for or drop an activity and how/where to access iStar Help Documents.


  • OTS supports the functional areas' business processes by assisting in the analysis of business processes to identify and document best practices.
  • OTS employs a security model that protects the system from unauthorized access until required training has been successfully completed.


  • Online help documents and on-demand training modules provide business owners with an efficient and effective process to receive traininng on iStar's Campus Solution, Finance, and Human Capital Management (Human Resource) modules
  • Personalized training activities on-site, by request
  • Content management system to manage and standardize business process documentation

Customer Responsibilities

  • Identify areas of iStar they need training on based on their job responsibilities
  • Register for training sessions before attending the session
  • Drop a course if unable to attend so others may be able to attend
  • Print all emailed documenation prior to the training activity