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LSCS Property and Liability Loss Reporting Procedures 


To provide procedures that will be in compliance with the objectives as stated in the Lone Star College System District Board Policy Manual.


The scope of this section is to outline specific procedures necessary to process insurance claims on behalf of the System.

A.  General Guidelines:

1. The Office of Risk Management (ORM) of The Lone Star College System (LSCS) and each campus Vice President of Administrative Services require immediate notice of all details of any property damage that occurs at a campus or center.

Examples of a loss or incident include (but are not limited to):
1. Vehicle accidents (college-owned and or rental vehicles)
2. Property damage due to accidents, fire, broken pipes, vandalism, or weather
3. Missing or damaged property due to theft
4. Damage to the property of others
5. Injuries to visitors, volunteers and students
6. Injuries to Faculty/Staff/Student Workers (Worker's Compensation)

2. The ORM works with departments and third parties regarding claims to evaluate and determine the potential for recovery and to initiate the claims process.

3. Property damage should be reported immediately to LSCS ORM at or 832-813-6510.

4. The ORM will arrange for processing the claim in accordance with the LSCS Property Insurance Program and will work with the original reporting department in arranging for the repair or replacement of the property.

B.  Property Claims (loss to college property):

1. Immediate attempts must be made to protect LSCS property from further damage.

2. Property damage should be reported immediately to the LSCS ORM at or 832-813-6510, and to the campus Vice President of Administrative Services.

3. The Property Loss Report form (ORM-CLM-2014-01) should be completed and emailed, together with photos of the damage and any special precautions which should be performed to secure the property and other important information vital to preserving the scene for potential claim investigation by relevant insurance carriers, to the Office of Risk Management at

4. In the case of theft or vandalism, contact LSCS Campus Police at 281-290-5911 (emergency number) or 281-813-6800 (non-emergency number) to report the incident and obtain an Incident Report and case number.

5. A complete list of all damaged items (including make, model, and serial number) should be prepared.

6. Copies of the original purchasing documents, i.e., purchase orders, paid invoices which show original cost, date of purchase, purchase source, should be obtained.

7. Inquire and document the possible repair of the equipment. If practical, repair equipment or replace only damaged parts of equipment.

8. If replacement is necessary, document the current replacement cost (which is the price available to LSCS for comparable property with similar features - no "upgrades"). Be sure to include the name and phone number of the person giving the price quote.

9. Place any LSCS property that is damaged beyond repair and is being replaced in a safe location for inspection by the insurer. Technically, any property replaced with insurance funds belongs to the insurer. Retain the damaged property and the equipment which caused the loss. For example, if a faulty valve caused water damage to some property, save the valve.

10. Comply with the insurance provisions which require LSCS department and/or divisions to compile and submit all claim information in a timely manner.

11. The department responsible for the lost or damaged property will be charged the deductible.

C.  General Liability Claims (loss associated with a breach of a legal duty (aka a tort claim)

1. Report any incident immediately to the campus Vice President of Administrative Services and campus police, and include sufficient details for the preparation of the Incident Report form (ORM-CLM-2013-02).

2. Vice President of Administrative Services, or designee, is to complete the Incident Report Form (ORM-CLM-2013-02) immediately. The Incident Report form should be submitted with as much available information as possible (including essential additional details and comments not specifically requested on the form).

3. Contact the Lone Star College System Office of Risk Management by phone, at 832-246-0047, if the incident involves injury to any person and/or property damage to another party.

4. Email or deliver the Incident Report form to ORM at call 832-813-6510, together with the police report and any supplemental information.

5. ORM will forward a copy of the Incident Report to the Office of General Counsel (OGC).

D.  Vehicle Claims (automobile loss involving LSCS owned or rented vehicles):

1. Report any vehicle accident immediately to the campus Vice President of Administrative Services and campus police including sufficient details for the preparation of the Vehicle Loss Report form (ORM-CLM-2014-03).

2. LSCS Employee Driver is to complete the Vehicle Loss Report Form (ORM-CLM-2014-03) immediately (no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the accident). The Vehicle Loss Report form should be submitted with as much available information as possible (including essential additional details and comments not specifically requested on the form).

3. Accident Reporting - What Do I Do?
     a.  Keep Calm;
     b.  Stop Immediately.  No matter how minor an accident may be, the failure to stop can result in serious criminal consequences. If possible, stop your vehicle at the point nearest the accident scene without obstructing traffic more than necessary;
     c.  Do A Health Check.  In the event of a car accident, the first you thing you should do is ask if everyone is okay. If anyone seems groggy or unsure of his or her response, call 9-1-1. Many injuries can't be seen, and the shock of a car accident can delay symptoms. To ensure the health of everyone involved, it's better to be safe than sorry;
     d.  Render first aid to any injured persons, if possible;
     e.  Turn ignition off and evacuate vehicle;
     f.  Call for medical assistance or ambulance if required. Emergency 911;
     i.  Call local, municipal or county police, or Texas Highway Patrol to report accident. Emergency 911;
     j.  Do not leave the scene of the accident;
     k.  Get the names, phone numbers and addresses of other drivers, passengers and witnesses and injured persons;
     l.  Get the insurance information on all vehicles involved in the accident.  Retrieve this information directly from the vehicle insurance identification card;
     m.  Give the other driver your name and insurance information located on your vehicle insurance identification card;
     o.  Within 24 hours, completed a Vehicle Loss Report #ORM-CLM-2014-03;
     p.  Contact the LSCS Office of Risk Management immediately by email at or by phone 832-246-0047 if the accident involves:
           i.   Another car with people in it (even though no one was hurt); or
           ii.   a pedestrian; or
           iii.   any personal injury, or extensive property damage;
     q.  If employed by the LSCS and travel is related to official work-related business, any injury is to be filed under worker’s compensation insurance.  Please contact the Office of Human Resources at __________________.   

         DO NOT provide personal medical insurance information unless it is absolutely necessary to receive medical treatment. 


Claims Forms

ORM-CLM-2013-01 Property Loss Report

ORM-CLM-2013-02 Risk Managemet Incident Report

ORM-CLM-2014-03 Vehicle Loss Report

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