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What Does Your Professor Expect?

If you want to have a good college experience, you will need to do your part. As a college student, you have moved beyond the place where the instructor holds your hand and checks to see if you have done everything. You are finally in a place where you are expected to take responsibility for your own life - and your own learning. Just what you always wanted! So take advantage of your new position, and find out what the expectations are so that you can be successful AND enjoy the process of learning.

What does my instrutor expect from me?

Know what faculty expect! Find out what your professor expects from you as a student. Get to know the instructor – ask questions!

  • Faculty like teamwork. Yes, you will be expected to participate. Good teamwork between faculty and students makes for a successful learning environment.
  • Faculty like students with positive attitudes. Always on time. Brings tools to class. Copes with distractions. Dares to participate in discussion. Establishes a relationship. Etc.
  • Faculty model lifelong learning. Sometimes students are suprrised that their instructors continue their education. Learning is lifelong.
  • Faculty like responsible students. College instructors expect college students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Faculty want students who care.
  • Faculty want students to learn. Ask your instructors what they love about teaching. You will likely hear, “I love it when students get it! When they experience the ah ha! moment.” Try it.

Advice from Faculty

  • Prepare for exams
  • Participate in class
  • Listen attentively
  • Break big projects into small steps
  • Be there! Be on time!
  • Prepare before class
  • Review after class
  • Forget excuses
  • Be a curious learner

WHY does it matter that students understand faculty expectations? If students understand what instructors expect from college students, they can improve their grades and (bonus) enjoy learning.