Honors College Application

All students wishing to enroll in the Honors College who meet the admission requirements should complete the following:

Honors College Application

Incoming Freshmen wishing to apply to be an Honors College Fellow IN ADDITION TO THE HONORS COLLEGE should complete the following:

Honors College Fellows Application

** The Honors College is no longer accepting Fellows applications for the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Academic year. Fellows applications for the following Academic year will open in November.

Honors Contract Forms

Honors students who are approved to complete an Honors Contract MUST download and complete the following form in order to earn Honors credit by contract option:

Students who are earning Honors by Contract may find the following helpful prior to working with a faculty mentor on an Honors Contract:

Honors College Presidential Scholarship

Students meeting eligibility requirements may apply for one of Kingwood’s Honors College Presidential Scholarships.

Honors Graduation Application

Students who are eligible to graduate with recognition from the Honors College must apply for graduation through the Honors College. Deadline for December graduation is November 1. Deadline for May graduation is April 15. Please note these dates may change so check with the Honors College office early in the semester you plan to graduate.

Community Service

Honors students who have performed community service hours should use the following form to track their hours:

Students can use the following guidelines to help them complete the reflective portion of their service learning requirement.