Resources for Student Organizations

The Office of Student Life is here to help organizations realize their full potential. Any Student Organization member can come to the Office of Student Life (C223) or the S.O.A.R. Room (S152) to find resources for club events and projects, such as event planning, room reservation, catering, fundraising, and advertising assistance. Advisors may also rent our cameras and camcorders to take photos of and record events.

If you are an officer in a Student Organization, please request to join the LSC-Tomball Club Officers group on Facebook. When you become part of the LSC-Tomball Officers group, you will be able to discuss ideas with other Student Organization officers as well as have a readily available line of communication with those officers.

This page serves a resource to Student Organizations to find and submit any club and organization or event forms online directly to the Office of Student Life. All forms must be completed and online and submitted by their listed deadlines.

Student Excellence Awards- Student Organization Nomination Form: Use this online form to nominate clubs, officers, and advisors for the 2015 Student Excellence Awards.

Student Organization Registration Packet: Each Student Organization or Club must update at the beginning of each semester. The Student Organization Registration Packet includes:
  • Student Organization Registration Form
  • Student Organization Membership Roster
  • Advisor Agreement Form
  • Student Organization and Diversity Statement
  • Summary of Texas Hazing Laws

*In addition to the Student Organization Registration Packet, each club member must fill out and return a Model Release Form to the Office of Student Life in C223. Clubs will not be considered registered for the semester until each member on the roster has returned a Model Release Form.

Student Organization Monthly Expenditure Form: Organization advisors are required to submit this form on the 25th of each month detailing what purchases they have made throughout the month. If a club does not make a purchase for the month, they are not required to submit a form. Failure to submit a form if purchases have been made will result in a one month suspension of your P-card.Event Proposal: Student Organizations may submit an event proposal form to the Office of Student Life.

Vendor Contract Request: Submit this form to make a request for a vendor contract. All requests must be submitted at least one month prior to the event date.



Fall Fest Proposal: Student Organizations participating in Fall Fest must submit a Fall Fest Proposal form.

Fall Semester Reports: are due by Friday, December 5, 2014. All student organizations are required to submit a Fall Semester Report.

Spring Semester Reports: are due by Wednesday, May 1, 2015. All student organizations are required to submit a Spring Semester Report.

Student Excellence Awards: Student Excellence Awards program provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to recognize students who have excelled in the area of academic excellence, leadership, and service. The 2014-2015 program will be held on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

Spring Renewal Packet: Each returning Student Organization or Club must update at the beginning of each semester.

Spring Fling Proposal: Each Student Organization participating in Spring Fling must submit a Spring Fling Proposal form.

Fundraising Policy and Procedures

Fundraising Request Form: Student Organizations who wish to hold a fundraiser must submit a Fundraising Request Form.

2014-2015 LSC-Tomball Student Organization Budget Allocation Request Form: Budget Allocation forms are due to the Office of Student Life (C-223) on Thursday, April 2, 2015 by 5:00pm. Budget Hearings for all clubs will be Monday, April 13, 2015 thru Thursday, April 16, 2015. To schedule a Budget Hearing Meeting you can come by the Office of Student Life or email Shannon Marino at

Service Project: Each Student Organization must complete a service project and submit the Service Project form each academic year.

Marketing and Promotions Request Form: Student Organizations who wish to request graphic design services from the Office of Student Life must complete a Marketing and Promotions Request form at least three (3) weeks prior to the in-hands date of the project.  

I-Lead Registration Form:  Student Organizations participating in the I-Lead Retreat must submit a I-Lead form.  

Additional Student Organization Resources:

Student Organization Member Handbook 2013-2014 (coming soon)

Student Organization Advisor Handbook 2013-2014 (coming soon)

Promotional Items List

List of all Student Organization Advisors

LSC-Tomball Branding Bar for Posters

LSC-Tomball Student Life Logo

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