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Classes Cancelled

All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  

Faculty and Staff at LSC-Victory Center

Mark Brumlow
Workforce Skilled Instructor - HVAC
281.810.5642 Mark.A.Brumlow@LoneStar.edu VC-115B
Damian Davis
WSI - Welding
281.810.5641 Damian.A.Davis@LoneStar.edu VC-104C
Antonio Diaz
Associate Professor - English
281.260.3173 Antonio.Diaz@LoneStar.edu GSPT-314M 
Mignette Dorsey
Associate Professor - English
281.260.3118 Mignette.Dorsey@LoneStar.ed GSPT-310C
Brandi Ford
Assistant Professor - English
281.260.3113 Brandi.M.Ford@LoneStar.edu GSPT-314F
Christopher Hinojosa
Professor - English
281.810.5613 Christopher.Hinojosa@LoneStar.edu VC-104G
Benjamin Gregersen
Associate Professor - Math
281.260.3181 Benjamin.L.Gregersen@LoneStar.ed GSPT-310E
Hilton Lasalle, Ed.D.
Professor - Psychology
281.810.5686 Hilton.J.Lasalle@LoneStar.edu VC-104E
John Maynard
Associate Professor - Biology
281.260.3135 John.P.Maynard@LoneStar.edu GSPT-310F
Woodrow McClendon
Assistant Professor - Political Science
281.260.3544 Woodrow.A.McLendon@lonestar.edu GSPT-314K
Jerica Nickerson
Assistant Professor - Speech
281.810.5614 Jerica.C.Nickerson@LoneStar.edu VC-104H
Julayne Sallay
Professor - Math
281.260.3109 Julayne.F.Sallay@LoneStar.edu GSPT-310H
Kisha Thomas
Assistant Professor  - English
281.810.5634 Kisha.S.Thomas@LoneStar.edu VC-104K
Chris Trevino
Assistant Professor - Humanities
281.260.3527 Chris.D.Trevino@LoneStar.edu GSPT-314D
Julie De Vries
Associate Professor - Art
281.260.3136 Julie.T.DeVries@LoneStar.edu GSPT-314H
Stephen Washington, Ed.D.
Professor - Math
281.810.5612 Stephen.W.Washington@LoneStar.edu VC-104F
Shane Puryear
Assistant Professor - History
281.260.3117 Shane.E.West@LoneStar.edu GSPT-314N


Fredrick Antwine
Specialist II, Financial Aid
281.810.5611 Fredrick.N.Antwine@LoneStar.edu VC-101
Jo Ellen Christy
Specialist II, Business Services
281.810.5608 Jo.E.Christy@LoneStar.edu VC-103
Amelia De Landa
Project Manager, Community In Schools
281.810.5659 Amelia.DeLanda@LoneStar.edu VC-104B
KimOanh Dinh
Academic Advisor II
281.810.5603 KimOanh.T.Tran@LoneStar.edu VC-101
Vanessa Duron
Specialist II, Student Services
281.810.5626 Vanessa.M.Duron@lonestar.edu VC-101
Arquilla Garrett
Coordinator I, Student Services
281.810.5623 Arquilla.J.Garrett@LoneStar.edu VC-101
Denzel Goodman
Advisor II, Student Services
281.810.5666 Denzel.D.Goodman@lonestar.edu VC-101
Jack Hernandez, Ed.D.
Counselor/Professor, Student Services
281.810.5606 Jack.S.Hernandez@lonestar.edu  VC-101
Amanda Howard
Mental Health Specialist
281.810.5633 Amanda.A.Howard@LoneStar.edu VC-104A
Kelly Jacobs, Ed.D.
Dean of Instruction
281.810.5685 Kelly.O.Jacobs@LoneStar.edu VC-104D
Clifford Johnson
Dean, Student Services
281.810.5627 Clifford.V.Johnson@LoneStar.edu VC-101A
Marilyn Martin
Program Manager, Learning and Accommodations
281.260.3522 Marilyn.A.Martin@LoneStar.edu VC-104I
Melvin McGowen
Manager, Evening & Weekend
281.810.5605 Melvin.L.McGowen@LoneStar.edu VC-101B
Chefita Provost
Specialist IV, Learning Center Coordinator
218.810.5682 Chefita.S.Provost@LoneStar.edu VC-107F