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High School Dual Credit Checklist

Follow the steps below to complete the process of transitioning from a high school student to an LSC dual credit student. 

Step 1: Admissions & Qualification Process (Offered at your HS)

  • Apply for admission. Complete the online application at: lonestar.edu/admissions. Keep your LSC ID number. You can view instructions on how to complete the online application here.
  • Meningitis Vaccination & New Student Orientation: Required for Dual Credit if you intend to take a course held on a LSC campus.  Go to lonestar.edu/meningitis & lonestar.edu/Tomball-orientation for more information.  
  • Visit with your high school counselor for eligibility requirements or get more information at  lonestar.edu/dualcredit-eligibility.
  • Visit with your high school counselor for information on how to obtain a testing ticket for the TSI test AFTER completing the PRE-ASSESMENT ACTIVITY (see step 2). 
  • Optional: Submit a FERPA form to your high school counselor. It is highly recommended that all DC students have a signed FERPA form on file authorizing parents access to their educational records at LSC-Tomball. See lonestar.edu/FERPA for more information.  

Step 2: Testing/Placement

  • Complete the PRE – ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY prior to testing. Access the link on your MyLoneStar homepage in the gray middle section next to the green checklist. This video is required for all students taking the TSI placement.
  • TSI Test Preparation: Select TSI Exam Sample Questions on right.
  • The testing fee is waived the first time for DC students taking the TSI assessment. It's $10/section for re-testing.You must obtain a new testing ticket from your DC Advisor at LSC-Tomball to retest.
  • Complete TSI testing, if required, at LSC-Tomball or your designated test date at your high school. Ask your high school counselor for specific testing dates and locations.
  • Report to the LSC-Tomball Assessment Center located on the 2nd floor of the library with picture ID, testing ticket, and, if retesting, payment receipt from the Cashier's office. If you miss your specified testing date, it is your responsibility to go to the campus to test with your required materials. lonestar.edu/testing-centers
  • Submit all test scores & your LSC ID number to your high school counselor.

Step 3: Registering for Classes (offered at your high school)

  • Pick up your approved registration materials from your high school counselor.
  • Visit with your high school counselor to register for your course(s).
  • Complete top half of LSC blue Dual Credit Registration Form & Parental Consent Form, including student and parent signatures.  You may complete the FERPA form. 
  • Return blue Dual Credit Registration Form & Parental Consent Form, and FERPA form to your counselor with test scores attached.

Step 4: Pay your Fees & Books

  • You are responsible for paying the fees and textbooks for all of your Dual Credit courses. All tuition is waived.  Please refer to the Dual Credit Cost Chart for more information.  
  • Once your registration is completed, you will be notified by your high school counselor. To ensure the tuition waiver has been applied, please allow 48 business hours after registration to pay for your classes. To pay for classes, go to: lonestar.edu and click on myLoneStar and log in using your User ID and Password. Folllow the instructions provided at registration to pay your fees online.
  • If you prefer to pay in person, visit LSC-Tomball's Bursar/Cashier Office in office C120.  Contact Bursar/Cashier's Office for additional questions regarding payment at (281) 357-3754.