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Pre-Medical & Heath Sciences Society Club Constitution

Article I Name: Pre-Medical & Health Sciences Society

   1. Also known as PMHSS

Article II Purpose

   1. To foster awareness of science in the world around us.
   2. To make students aware of careers in medicine, health science, and science related fields.
   3. To help prepare students for admission into various health related fields.
   4. To promote proper interaction between students and their community by performing volunteer activities serving our local community.
   5. This is a student organization for the students, by the students, and the students.

Article III Membership

   1. Membership is open to all NHMCCD students (FT and PT) and all NHC employees.

Article IV Organization

An Executive Committee shall exist consisting of a Sponsor(S), President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Parliamentarian, and SGA Representative.

   1. The Duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
         1. To coordinate and direct the activities for PMHSS.
         2. To meet the purposes of the PMHSS as set forth in Article II.
         3. To oversee the PMHSS club meetings.
         4. To implement resolutions and activities of the PMHSS.
   2. The Duties of a Sponsor shall be:
         1. To prepare all paperwork required by NHC.
         2. To ensure all policies required by NHC are followed.
         3. To ensure the club fulfills its purpose.
         4. To oversee financial recording, expenditures, & collections of monies.
         5. To assist the Executive Officers in their duties.
         6. To coordinate the Executive Committee.
         7. To provide guidance and implement veto power.
         8. To attend all official PMHSS functions unless arrangement has been made for a substitute which must be another NHC employee.
         9. The Sponsor will be under the direction of the Vice-President of Student Organizations. Issues concerning a Sponsor may be directed to this office.
   3. The Duties of the President shall be:
         1. To be an official representative of the PMHSS.
         2. To call meetings of the Executive Committee as well as general club meetings upon approval by the Sponsor(s).
         3. To preside all over meetings.
         4. To coordinate and supervise all activities of the PMHSS.
         5. To appoint and dismiss sub-committees, with approval of a majority of students.
         6. To present a general report at the end of the year’s term.
   4. The Duties of the Vice-President shall be:
         1. To assume the duties of the President due to absence or resignation.
         2. To assist in the organization of the club.
   5. The Duties of the Secretary shall be:
         1. To keep written records of all proceedings of the PMHSS meetings.
         2. To place the PMHSS club records on the club’s website.
         3. To distribute announcements of meetings and activities including flyers if necessary.
         4. To contact members and post notices.
         5. To retain a membership roster including member’s contact information that is to be kept up-to-date at all times.
   6. The Duties of the Treasurer shall be:
         1. To keep accurate records and make payment of the Pre-Medical & Health Sciences Society funds.
         2. To present a budget report at each meeting.
         3. To assist other officers in the proposal and preparation of fundraising activities.
   7. The Duties of the Historian will be:
         1. To attend and take at least two (2) photos at each event.
         2. To produce and update a club scrapbook including but not limited to the PMHSS board, newsletter, and web page.
         3. To prepare press releases for publication.
   8. The Duties of the Parliamentarian shall be:
         1. To ensure that general meetings, officer meetings, and elections are run according to parliamentary process.
   9. The Duties of SGA Representative shall be:
         1. To retain the college funding available to the PMHSS club by attending the SGA meetings consistently to represent the club. Not attending SGA meetings jeopardizes the following semester’s funding of the club.
         2. Reports concerns, decisions and actions of SGA to the club at open club meetings.
  10. The duties of the Webmaster shall be:
         1. To update and maintain the club’s Web Site by posting events, pictures, and details of the club.
         2. To correspond with the Web Master of the Biology Web Page

Article V Elections

Elections of officer positions of the Executive Committee will be held annually. In the event that an officer is unable to complete his or her commitment, mid-season, elections for the vacated position will be held.

   1. Eligibility:
         1. Candidates must be a student (FT or PT) of NHMCCD.
         2. The candidate must maintain attendance at meetings and events.
   2. Term:
         1. Each officer will hold his or her office for one academic year.
   3. Procedures for Elections:
         1. The elections for positions serving during the following Fall and Spring Semesters year are to be announced at a general meeting at least one month prior to the last general of the Spring semester. Elections must be held prior to Final Exams.
         2. A member nominates candidates.
         3. The nomination must be seconded.
         4. The elections are held at a later meeting(s).
         5. Members may be nominated for more than one office, but members may only hold one office at a time. Once a member is selected to one office, the member will be removed from all other considerations.
         6. Elections are held in the following order: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Parliamentarian, and then SGA Representative.
         7. All officers are elected by a majority vote of members present at the General meeting(s).
         8. Voting must be done by a method of submitting a secret ballot.
   4. New elections may be held in the event a position becomes vacant.

Article VI Meetings

General Meetings

   1. General meetings are open to all members.
   2. All General meetings must be announced (posted) to the campus community at least 5 days prior to the meeting.
   3. A special meeting may be called when 50% of the membership requests a meeting in writing.
   4. All motions including Constitutional Amendments must be made during a meeting and require a second to be voted upon. The members present approve motions with a majority vote. Constitutional Amendments require cotes from over 50% of the current members. In cases of a tie, the President will make the decision.
   5. The Sponsor has veto power on all issues.
   6. Meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
   7. Only members or officers present may vote.
   8. Twenty-five of the total membership must be in attendance for the voting to take place at a General meeting.
   9. The President and a Sponsor shall determine what topics need Executive Committee approval vs. General membership vote.

Executive Meetings

   1. The Executive Committee may meet on alternate days of the month from the General meetings as well as any other time(s) when all officers and the Sponsor(s) agree upon, but shall not meet less than once each month during the months of September, October, November, February, March, and April of the academic year.
   2. These meetings are limited to officers, sponsor(s), and invited guests. General members may request to attend. The President and Sponsor(s) will determine appropriate attendance.
   3. The Executive Committee will determine activities, meetings, and expenditures, and seeking member input as much as possible.
   4. One half of the Executive Committee must be present for voting to occur.
   5. A listing of all tentatively scheduled events for the current semester (meetings, field trips, speakers, etc…) must be submitted at the beginning of each semester to the Vice-President of Student Organizations.

Article VII Funds

   1. All funds raised shall be deposited in the college-designated account.
   2. Funds shall only be disperses for those expenditures approved by the majority of the Executive Committee, Sponsor(s), and the Vice-President of Student Organizations.
   3. Funds should be used to accomplish the purposes of the PMHSS as stipulated in this constitution.

Article VIII Events

   1. All events are to be filled by written notice for approval to the Vice-President of Student Organizations with at least a one-week notice. This will include a detailed description of the event (who, what, where, why, and how). This notice will include the signature of the club President or Vice-President and at lest one Sponsor, preferably, the one attending the event.
   2. Events may include, but are not limited to, field trips, guest speakers, and fundraising.
   3. One copy of each notice (signed) will be kept for the club records and one copy given to the Vice-President of Student Organizations.

Article IX Advertisements

   1. All event advertisements must be approved and stamped by the Vice-President of Student Organizations.
   2. One copy of each signed document will be kept for the club records and one copy given to the Vice-President of Student Organizations.

Article X Conduct

   1. All events are under the rules and regulations of the college campus as directed by.