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Classes Cancelled

All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Student must be a currently enrolled Lone Star College student pursuing a degree or certificate.
  2. Student must be a current ASQ member.
  3. Student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

General Scholarship Information

  1. Multiple scholarships will be funded each semester ranging from a minimum of $250 to a maximum of $1,000 per academic year.
  2. Scholarship may be used for tuition, fees, books, or other training costs.
  3. Scholarship application MUST be submitted by 5:00 pm deadline on April 1, 2017. 

Online Application Form

Please fill out and submit the form below to complete your application process. You can also read the procedures followed by LSC-CyFair in awarding and announcing this scholarship by clicking here.

First Name:
Last Name:
Student ID:
Birth Date:
Zip Code:

Program of Study / Declared
Degree / Intended Major:
Anticipated graduation date
from Lone Star College:
Membership ID:
Expiration Date:
Officer Title:

Provide a personal statement of your training / occupational goals, why you are applying for this scholarship, and anything else that you would like the committee to know about you.
List any extracurricular activities, club memberships, and leadership positions, including high school, college, volunteer, and community.
List any awards, honors, prizes, scholarships, etc. that you have received.
Provide a list of participation of ASQ Houston, LSCS student branch, or other community service activities (attendance proof required):
Student Narrative: Describe the impact this scholarship would have on your life.

Conditions of the Award

Please check EACH statement. Lone Star College System's (LSCS) policy is designed to encourage students to achieve their academic goals and graduate.

I certify that the statements herein are true to the best of my knowledge and grant my permission for the information contained herein to be shared with the Scholarship Committee and Administrators.
I release to Lone Star College System the right to access all my current and ongoing personal and academic records and transcripts.
If awarded a scholarship, I understand that I must meet the scholarship criteria.
I understand my name and information from my academic history may be released to the Scholarship Committee and the Scholarship Administration.
I have read the LSCS Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and understand that any violation of this policy may suspend my ability to receive an award from the Lone Star College System.