Competency-Based Education (CBE)

CBE CompetencyCompetency-Based Education consists of three unique components that benefit students. First, CBE is completely online. This allows students the flexibility to get their education at their convenience. Second, CBE is self-paced.  Students can finish courses as quickly as they are able, so they can start the next course. Third, CBE is competency-based.  The college will recognize competencies students have mastered already—either through work or life experience. This means a student’s mastery of a predetermined set of knowledge, skills, and abilities, allow them to progress quickly through the course. In addition, CBE at Lone Star College-University Park pairs students with mentors who will stay with them through graduation.


What CBE Programs do we offer?

Accelerated IT Program

The Lone Star College-University Park Accelerated IT Program is a 100% online Information Technology Core Certification that was developed in partnership with industry leaders and it helps give students the knowledge and skills to obtain careers in the IT field.
Students who complete the Accelerated IT program will gain college credit towards a degree and preparation for A+, Network+ and MS Project certifications.

Accelerated Business 2+2 Program

CBE Business

The Lone Star College University Park Accelerated Business 2+2 Program allows students to save time, learning general business concepts at their own pace. They can complete the Accelerated Business 2+2 Program at Lone Star College-University Park in two years or less, then go on to two years at a public university in Texas in order to earn a bachelor's degree.

How do I enroll?

For more information about the Accelerated IT Program or the Accelerated Business 2+2 Program at LSC-University Park, call 281.290.2600 or visit