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In 2007, community leaders approached Lone Star College System requesting that a new university center be established in the northwest Harris County area. In 2009, LSCS purchased the buildings and property of what was once Compaq Computer Corporation’s world headquarters on State Highway 249 at Louetta Road. The resulting facility, LSC-University Park, the system’s sixth college, opened for classes in spring 2010.

It is designed to be a college as well as an incubator for innovative partnerships between education, business and industry, and the community. Along with two-year degrees and certificates in many areas, LSC-University Park also offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the LSC-University Center at University Park, through partnerships with a number of four-year universities. LSC-University Park also houses LSC-Online, the Veterans Affairs Center, Lone Star Corporate College and the Lone Star College Conference Center. LSC-University Park is one location with many opportunities, making higher education convenient, affordable and accessible to the northwest Harris County community.

LSC-University Park’s fall 2014 enrollment for credit students was 9,261.

Improvements planned for LSC-University Park

  • New instructional science building: 50,000 sf
  • New instructional arts building: 40,000 sf
  • Renovations to existing facilities: 55,000 sf
  • Increase parking: 170 spaces

Current Workforce Education Centers of Excellence

  • Oil and Gas Drilling, Converged Technology, Energy and Manufacturing Institute

Needed Renovations to Current Workforce Education Facilities

  • Law Enforcement Academy

Future Needs: New Advanced Technology Centers

  • Workforce Certification Assessment Center
    • Build-out floor (25,000 sf)

Campus diagram

LSC-University Park 2013 Bond Proposals diagram
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2014 Bond Referendum and Board of Trustees Election brochure
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2014 LSC brochure
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Key Messages

2014 LSC Bond Key Messages
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Quick Facts

2014 LSC Bond Quick Facts
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Key Messages

2014 LSC Bond Referendum and Board of Trustees Election Presentation (pdf)

Proven Financial Management

LSC is fiscally responsible and maintains a AAA Bond Rating from Standard & Poor’s Rating Services – enabling LSC to borrow money at lower interest rates. The credit rating was increased eight times in the last 10 years. In addition:

  • LSC maintains administrative operating expenses under 12%, which is one of the lowest in Texas. (Source: Texas Association of Community Colleges)
  • The LSC tax rate is lower than it was 15 years ago. And the Board of Trustees has lowered the tax rate 6 of the last 10 years. (11.6 cents/100 vs. 10.81 cents/100).
  • LSC has received a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting recognition each year since 2004.
  • LSC maintains a tax freeze for 65+ and/or disabled which means the actual dollar amount owed will never increase, even if the property value increases.

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