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Electrocardiography Monitor Technician Certificate

The Electrocardiography Monitor Technician Certificate is a non-credit Fast Track program offered at LSC-Kingwood and LSC-Montgomery. For more information, please contact the Continuing Education department at LSCCE@LoneStar.edu.

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Program Description

Electrocardiograph monitoring technicians read heart rhythm patterns to detect abnormal heart rhythm variations. Technicians also observe heart rhythms on a cardiac monitor screens and listen for alarms in notification of abnormal heart rhythms.

Other responsibilities include reviewing patient records for normal heart rhythms and using instruments to measure length and height of heart patterns. Students with this certification can continue their education to become cardiovascular or cardiopulmonary technicians.

Program Plan

Subject Number Title Contact Hours
ECRDC 2101103 Electrocardiography Monitoring Technician 30

TOTAL Contact Hours for
Electrocardiography Monitoring Technician Certificate: