Galaxy 21 is a program of academic and cultural enrichment.
This faculty-student forum will focus on thought leadership on emerging issues.

Topic: Why Multiculturalism Matters Today
Session: Come hear a dialogue about the importance of cultural inclusiveness in America today. Students will prepare statements and questions in advance.
Why multiculturalism matters image Panelists:    Prof. Methias Plank (LSC-Universtiy Park)
Prof. Erin Macmillan-Ramirez (LSC-Universtiy Park)
Moderator: Prof. Stephen J. Mendonca (LSC-Universtiy Park)
Date: Thursday, Otc. 15
Time: 12:30 - 2 p.m.
Location: Teaching Gallery, SLRC B12.805

For more information contact Stephen Mendonca,