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Honors College Chancellor's Fellows Curriculum

The Honors College at Lone Star College creates a unique learning environment.

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Curriculum overview/sample progression

The Honors College Chancellor's Fellows curriculum is comprised of a two-year course of full-time attendance requiring a minimum of 27 honors credit hours toward completion of an Honors AA or Honors AS. The curriculum includes a six-hour cohort course taken during the first semester, as well as additional required honors courses.

First Year – Fall
ENGL 1301 (Honors)
EDUC 1300H (Cohort Orientation)

First Year – Spring
SPCH 1315 or SPCH 1318 (Honors)
HIST 1301 or GOVT 2305 or ENGL 1302 or
Natural Science

Second Year – Fall
6 Credit Hours (selected from): HIST 1302 or GOVT
2306 or Natural Science or Behavioral Science or
Humanities Requirement or Individual Contract*

Second Year – Spring
6 Credit Hours (selected from): English Elective or
Humanities Requirement or Individual Contract*

Note: One of these two courses will be serve as an “Honors Capstone” Course required for completion.

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