Live Entertainment Technology Video Marketable Skills Award

The Live Entertainment Technology Marketable Skills Award (MSC_LETV) is offered at LSC-Montgomery. For more information, please contact the Live Entertainment Technology Departments.

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Program Description

Do you want to work on live productions such as a rock concert or a Broadway musical? The level
one certificate, level two certificate, and associate of applied science degree are designed to train
audio visual systems specialists to work in live sound and event productions.

Learn the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to design, maintain, and operate audio/visual/lighting systems working in places such as entertainment and sporting venues, churches, auditoriums, theatres, hotels/ conventions, trade shows or corporations. The program inherently provides career ladder options to its graduates.

First Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Course Number Title Credits
AVTS 1371 Introduction to Live Entertainment Technology 3
RTVB 1321 TV Field Production 3
RTVB 1429 Scriptwriting 4
DRAM 1330 Stagecraft I 3

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credits for Live Entertainment Technology Marketable Skills Award - Video: