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The Machining Master Certificate is a non-credit Fast Track program offered at LSC-Conroe Center and LSC-University Park. For more information, please contact the Continuing Education department at LSCCE@LoneStar.edu.

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Program Description

The Machining Master Certificate prepares graduates for careers in the operation and programming of computer numeric control (CNC) drills, grinder, mills and lathes used extensively in the manufacturing and repair industries. This program provides students with needed math skills, as well as an excellent blueprint reading, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and precision measurement tools used in the actual industry. The master certificate program also includes advanced course offering include manufacturing, utilizing CNC equipment, computerized machine protocols as well as manual machining . This combination of courses contributes to a safe and productive environment for the trainee to develop the skills necessary for an apprentice position in the machining industry.

  • Contact Hours: 384
  • Cost of Program: $5,283
  • Median Wage: $38,670 per year1
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Program Plan

Subject Number Title Contact Hours
MCHNC 1104306 Machine Shop Mathematics 64
DFTGC 1102500 Blueprint Reading and Sketching 48
MCHNC 1103801 Basic Machine Shop I 80
BUSGC 1101200 Work Skills for the Workplace 16
MCHNC 1200300 CNC Machine Controls, Fundamentals 48
MCHNC 1203100 Operation of CNC Turning Center 64
MCHNC 1203400 Operation of CNC Machining Centers 64

TOTAL Contact Hours for Machining Master Certificate:


This certificate program prepares for the first NIMS Exam.

  1. Wage Data is based on annual salaries from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2013, www.bls.gov/oes.