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The Network Engineer Certificate: CCNP is offered at LSC-CyFair, LSC-Kingwood, LSC-North Harris and LSC-Tomball. For more information, please contact the Computer Information Technology Department.

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Attention Current Students

Students currently enrolled in the Computer Networking Specialization AAS: Cisco Track can finish their current program plan to include ITCC 1401, Cisco Exploration1-Network Fundamentals; ITCC 1404, Cisco Exploration 2-Routing Protocols and Concepts; ITCC 2408, Cisco Exploration 3-LAN Switching and Wireless; and ITCC 2410, Cisco Exploration 4-Accessing the WAN. Beginning Fall 2013, students must complete the program plan listed below.

Program Description

Students seeking degrees in computer information technology may follow a plan that adds academic courses to the two levels of certificates. Students who have degrees or who have articulated courses from high school may receive additional training in areas such as Visual Basic.NET, C, RPG programming, and Network Security.

Students will find coursework, taught by certified instructors, in our certificate and degree programs that lead to professional certification from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle.

The general education core courses, COSC classes, and some technical courses transfer to a variety of universities. Technical AAS degrees transfer in total to some universities. Contact a counselor or advisor at any college for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

Students interested in transferring to a bachelor's program in computer science should consider completing the A.A. degree with a field of study in computer science. See the academic transfer section of this catalog for details.

Program Plan

Prerequisite Credits

Course Number Title Credits
ITSC 1401 Introduction to Computers OR 4
COSC 1401 Introduction to Computers  

TOTAL Prerequisite Credits:


First Year Credits

Course Number Title Credits
ITCC 1401 Cisco Exploration 1 - Network Fundamentals OR 4
ITCC 1475 Introduction to Networks  
ITCC 1404 Cisco Exploration 2 - Routing Protocols and Concepts OR 4
ITCC 1476 Routing and Switching Essentials  
ITCC 2408 Cisco Exploration 3 - Lan Switching and Wireless OR 4
ITCC 2478 Scaling Networks  
ITCC 2410 Cisco Exploration 4 - Accesing the WAN OR 4
ITCC 2479 Connecting Networks  

TOTAL Credits for First Year:


Second Year Credits

Course Number Title Credits
ITCC 2454 CNPP Routing - Implementing IP Routing 4
ITCC 2455 CCNP Switch - Implementing IP Switching 4
ITCC 2456 CCNP Troubleshooting - Maintaining & Troubleshooting
IP Networks
Elective1   Technical Networking Elective 4

TOTAL Credits for Second Year:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credits for Network Engineer Certificate (CCNP):


  1. Select Technical Networking Elective from ITNW, ITMT, ITSC, ITCC  
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