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All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  

Organizational Development

What is Organizational Development?

Organizational Development (OD) is a Lone Star College department that serves the entire college by connecting organizations, people, strategies, and processes to enrich the culture of Lone Star College through empowering its members.

The Organizational Development team leads large-scale initiatives and programs that grow our employees and the organization toward our strategic goals. In the fall 2015 semester, a college-wide cultural transformation project called LSC 20|20 began. This process helps us make the cultural shifts we need to make to achieve our goals. Learn More


LSC 20|20

LSC 20|20 is a leader-led cultural transformation process designed to create a culture of accountability and achieve Lone Star College’s key organizational results. We can define organizational culture as the way people think and act. It is the culture in an organization that ultimately produces results. The process we are undertaking will provide some very simple culture management tools to help us make the needed cultural shifts. Learn More

Organizational Development Consulting Services

Organizational Development (OD) offers a variety of services to assist employees in implementing OD strategies, change efforts, and driving organizational behavior that aligns with our culture and mission. We want to share the methods and teambuilding practices that lead to high-performing leaders and teams. Learn More

Leadership Development

The Leadership Academy prepares employees for future service to the success of our students, the college, and our local and global communities through opportunities that grow, support, and celebrate our current and emerging leaders. Learn More

Faculty Development

The Higher Education Teaching Institute (HETI) provides faculty with substantive, dynamic, and innovative professional development to advance their proficiency in the art and science of teaching and learning. Learn More

Learning and Development

Learning and Development offers soft skill learning opportunities that encompass personal and interpersonal skill development. Offerings include topics such as supervisor development, StrengthsQuest®, team-building workshops, job specific professional development, and much more. Learn More

Career Development

The Career Development arm of OD has one major purpose: to help prepare our current employees for their next job at Lone Star College. Whether the goal is a move up or a lateral move into a new career path, these offerings aim to help employees make a successful career transition. Learn More

Creative and Strategic Initiatives

The Creative and Strategic Initiatives (CSI) team focuses on the creative and technical aspects of Organizational Development. We are committed to supporting the development of programs and training that build employee capabilities by leveraging media and technology to improve performance and maximize talent within our organization. Learn More

Employee Appreciation

Organizational Development is committed to developing, supporting employees, and celebrating accomplishments throughout their careers with Lone Star College. Each year, the Lone Star College Awards Ceremony is held for to highlight employee achievements. Learn More

Educational Support

Organizational Development offers a variety of opportunities to help employees receive post-secondary degrees. Scholarships are offered through a competitive application process each year to employees seeking a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctoral Degree. Learn More

Click here to see a comprehensive list of Organizational Development services.