Lone Star College System offers domestic and international travel for our students, faculty and staff.  Our endeavors include travel for student activities, academic field trips, faculty international exploration, study abroad, and collaborative partnerships with international governments or universities abroad. We realize that students often cite student life, academic field trips, and overseas learning experiences as influential aspects of their college experience.  These trips may add exciting real-world components to their academic experience.


Proper risk management for travel requires the anticipation and evaluation of potential risks and ultimately controlling these risks. Risk management is everyone’s responsibility. Lone Star College System Campuses may need to consult several areas of expertise during the travel planning stage. These areas may include many different departments such as: Risk Management, Administrative Services, Student Success, Instruction, Office of General Counsel, and International Programs & Services. Please consider when beginning to plan a trip, event, or activity, you may often be asked to be a travel agent, bookkeeper, safety officer, first aid administrator, and 24-hour companion. 


The Office of Risk Management appreciates your careful planning and leadership in travel with the Lone Star College System.


International Travel

Domestic Travel