As the newest college in the Lone Star College System, LSC-University Park will become the leading model of "innovative colleges" designed for the 21st Century. So with that in mind LSC-University Park administrators, faculty, staff and students collaborated to create LSC-University Park's first strategic plan that would guide LSC-University Park through 2012-2015. A steering group was formed to lead this process, utilizing the LSCS goals and objectives as a framework. The framework for the strategic goals put in place focuses on improving the overall effectiveness and support we are able to offer our students to help them achieve their goals.

The goals were split into 10 sections:

  • Goal 1 - Increase completion and achievement of all students.
  • Goal 2 - Provide high quality academic instruction.
  • Goal 3 - Provide quality student focused service.
  • Goal 4 - Maintain affordability and accessibility.
  • Goal 5 - Recruit and retain talented full and part-time faculty, administrators and staff.
  • Goal 6 - Enhance internal and eternal systems of communication.
  • Goal 7 - Strengthen efficiencies in operations.
  • Goal 8 - Develop and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Goal 9 - Leverage technology to increase and enhance education, operation and innovation competitiveness.
  • Goal 10 - Plan and manage sustainable quality growth.

LSC-University Park's Strategic Plan for 2012-2015, will enrich the educational opportunities and programs we offer.