How can we reduce the harmful effects of lead poisoning?

Featured Student: Kyle Breed

Added: July 13, 2017


I graduated from LoneStar College Kingwood with an Honors A.S. in Biology, and I was one of the Chancellor’s Fellows within the Honor’s College. During my time at Lone Star College, I had the opportunity to conduct my own research and present it at both regional and national conferences, experience new ideas and views, as well as even travel to Italy.

Now that I am a junior and will soon be attending Austin College under scholarship, it is clearer than ever that Lone Star College has had a huge role in my success, as well as in guiding me to a great foundation for my future. Moving forward, after I finish my undergraduate studies, I plan to attend Baylor Medical School with the goal of becoming a trauma surgeon in mind. Ultimately however, my dream is to one day volunteer abroad and perform surgeries for those without access to proper medical care.