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Accounting Advanced Technical Certificate in Professional Accountancy Checklist


The Accounting Advanced Technical Certificate is designed for those who have already received their bachelor’s degree and wish to prepare themselves to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) awarded Lone Star College System (LSCS) the designation to offer “Qualifying Educational Credit for the CPA Examination.” Most of the LSCS accounting courses meet the TSBPA’S definition of upper-division accounting courses required to take the CPA exam. This designation allows individuals who have already earned a baccalaureate or higher degree from a recognized educational institution to gain the thirty advanced accounting hours required to qualify for the CPA exam. The individual should be enrolled in the Accounting Advanced Technical Certificate and take no less than 24 semester hours of accounting from LSCS toward meeting the 30 semester hours.


Steps to complete Advanced Technical Certificate and be eligible to take the CPA exam:



  1.       Student must have a bachelor's degree (in any field).  The student must have also completed the equivalent of ACCT 2301 and ACCT 2302. 

    What if the student only needs a couple of classes to sit for the CPA exam?  Can the student take the missing courses without getting the certificate?  Yes, the student can complete any number of classes that are needed to take the exam.  The student will not get a certificate from Lone Star College if the majority of the courses are taken at another college, but the student will be eligible to take the CPA exam.
    Can a student have a bachelor’s degree from another country?  Yes, if the student’s transcripts are evaluated (The Texas State Board only accepts The University of Texas’ foreign transcript evaluation).  There may be a fee for this service.
  2.       Student must complete admissions application at Lonestar.edu and obtain a Lone Star College System ID#.
  3.       Student must submit ALL official transcripts from any other college enrolled in to: Lone Star College Student Records, 20515 SH 249 - UP1104, Houston, Texas 77070.  Official PDF Transcripts can be emailed directly from the college or university to: Registrar@LoneStar.edu. Transfer credit will be given to the student if the student has already completed any of the required courses.
  4.       Student transcripts must be evaluated to see which courses need to be completed.  Student should send a copy to Karen.N.Russom@Lonestar.edu for evaluation.  When the evaluation is complete the student will be admitted to the program and receive permission to enroll in the advanced accounting courses.
  5.       Enroll in courses.  To enroll the student must have no holds on their account.  Students should submit completed registration form along with the Course Schedule from Karen Russom to the Admissions/Records counter in the Student Services Area of CASA or email to: CyFair.Registration@Lonestar.edu, Dorothy.M.Shanley@Lonestar.edu or Gilbert.S.Leonard@Lonestar.edu.  Complete the following courses.

    Can a student take some of the courses at another college?  Two of the upper division accounting courses may be taken at another community college or university. However, the remaining courses must be taken at one of the six campuses within the Lone Star College System.  (The student may take additional courses at another college or university and still be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, but the student will not receive the certificate from Lone Star College).

    How many courses can be taken online?  A student can take up to fifteen accounting upper division credits online, which is five classes.

    Are there scholarships available for students?  Yes, there are several scholarships that students can apply for including the Texas State Board of Accountancy scholarship and the Institute of Management Accountants scholarship.
  6.       Register for the CPA exam www.tsbpa.state.tx.us

    Is there a review class to help students pass the CPA exam? Yes, there are several companies that specialize in providing reviews for the CPA exam.  Becker CPA review offers some scholarships for Lone Star students.