Air Force ROTC

The mission of the Air Force ROTC Detachment 003 is to develop quality leaders for the Air Force by creating a highly successful organization, respected throughout the Air Force, the educational community and the nation.

Golden Rule:  Do you want to serve beside, under or over this person?

Key emphasis areas: 

  1. Our cadets must personify the USAF’s core values of “Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do”
  2. Our cadets must be trained so they can effectively function in a combat zone within just twelve months of commissioning
  3. Our cadets will learn leadership and teamwork

What is the Air Force ROTC

SACSThe Air Force ROTC is a college program offered at more than 1,100 campuses across the country. Lone Star College is proud to be included in the roster of institutions that offer this outstanding academic opportunity with classes held at The University of Houston.

Although designed to prepare young men and women to become leaders in the Air Force, ROTC accomplishes so much more! As an ROTC graduate you will develop lifelong skills, which translate to both the military and civilian sectors. Additionally, you will grow as an individual both mentally and physically, while developing enduring friendships. And, the program offers its students both full and partial scholarship opportunities to assist with the cost of tuition, fees, books and other academic associated expenses.

Why Join the ROTC Program

The Air Force ROTC offers two program types: Three or Four-Year.

The program begins with the General Military Course. As a freshman or sophomore, you'll normally attend one hour of class and two hours of Leadership Laboratory each week. Courses are listed in the class schedule as AFSC 1201, 2201, 3301, and 4301. As a freshman, you'll study the role of the Air Force in the modern world; as a sophomore, the history of the Air Force. Before entering the Professional Officer Course, you'll attend a four-week summer Field Training that offers you a firsthand look at the Air Force environment.

During your junior and senior years, you'll complete the Professional Officer Course where you will study management principles, national defense policy and also manage, organize, direct, and evaluate the cadet wing activities. During Leadership Laboratory, you will learn about Air Force customs and courtesies, develop leadership and management skills and explore Air Force officer career opportunities.

When you complete the ROTC program and receive your degree, you will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. Non-flying officers serve a 4-year commitment on active duty, navigators serve 6 years after training, and pilots 10 years after training.

Plus, unlike many college students, you’ll have a position waiting for you after graduation at one of the top, high-tech organizations in the world — the U.S. Air Force.