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Ask the Pack

Trevor the Timberwolf Pondering a QuesionHere at LSC-Tomball, it's always about you, you, and you (yes even you in the back of the room!) so we want to know what makes you you! Can I fit more you's into this description. You betcha!

Current Question

What did you do during the Ice Storm?

Emily Armstrong

"My family and I had to deal with a busted pipe. We live in Spring. The water was spewing out on the side of our house, so my dad had to go outside and fix it. My dad rigged it up for us to be able to take baths. It’s working for now. Other than that, I stayed inside with my family."
- Emily Armstrong

"I stayed at home watching movies and TV shows on Netflix all day. In particular, I watched Orange is the New Black. That was fun."
- Yessenia Yanez

Yessenia Yanez
Kristal Ramirez

"I was at home babysitting my younger brother and sister. I spent most of my time watching Disney movies with them."
- Kristal Ramirez

"I stayed at home because all of the roads around my home in Hockley were too slippery to drive on. It normally takes me about 30 minutes to drive here to school, so I stayed home with my family. It was nice."
- Emmanuel Aguirre

Emmanuel Aguirre
Christian Salazar

"I was binge watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. One of the shows I was watching is Friends. It’s an old show. I enjoyed it, though."
- Christian Salazar