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III.G.1.01 – Provision of Services:

The System is expected to provide its students and community with services appropriate to the performance of its mission as established by its founding charter or as directed by the Coordinating Board.

III.G.1.02 – Sale of Services

The System may provide services to its campus communities provided that:

  1. The services satisfy educationally related needs such as campus newspapers, bookstores, cafeterias, fitness centers or other similar services.
  2. The service is an integral part of providing support activities that enhance  performance of the System’s public service mission.

The System shall not provide services or goods to persons other than members of the campus community unless:

  1. It fulfills the System's public service mission, or
  2. It is incidental to the performance of the System’s educational activities  (e.g.,  concerts, theater performances or similar activities), or
  3. It consists of recreational, cultural, and athletic events; public service radio  and TV broadcasting; events or functions which have as their principal purpose the improvement of relations between the System and the  public.
  4. It is an authorized fundraising activity.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2008