Pronunciation Guide
Lab 1 - Biological Molecules

Tests for Organic Molecules
Carbohydrate Test Western Kentucky University
Starch Test Western Kentucky University
Matching Tests for Organic Molecules
Exercise in Unknowns
Organic Functional Groups
Carbohydrate Structures
Lipid Structures
Amino acids, Peptides, & Proteins
Dehydration Synthesis/Hydrolsis
Biochemistry Molecules - Flash Cards

Lab 2 -Amino Acid Chromatography

Paper Chromatography Sambal's Science Web
Chromatography Los Angeles Mission College

Lab 3 - The Microscope

Microscope Parts
Microscope Parts 2
How to Use the Microscope
Reading the Metric Ruler
Micrometer Microscope View
Micrometer Field of View
Micrometer Measurement
Making a Wet Mount University of Alberta
Microscope Calculations Slideshow ZeroBio

Lab 4 - Cell Structure and Function

Animal Cell I

Plant Cell I
Plant Cell II
Various Types of Cells - Flash Cards

Lab 5 - Mitosis

Microscope Images - Plant
Microscope Images - Animal
Matching - Animal Cells
Matching - Plant Cells
Onion Root Tip Western Kentucky University
Chromosome Western Kentucky University
Determining time spent in different phases
of the cell cycle
University of Arizona

Lab 6 - Movement of Molecules

Virtual Osmosis Western Kentucky University
Animal Cell Osmosis
Plant Cell Osmosis
Hypertonic, Isotonic and Hypotonic June B. Steinberg
Triple Beam Balance Wisconsin Online

Lab 7 - Enzymes

Virtual Enzyme Lab Western Kentucky University
Enzyme Lab Kean University
What is an Enzyme Animation Northland Community College

Lab 8 - Alcohol Fermentation

Virtual Respiration Western Kentucky University
Reading a Graduate Cylinder Wisconsin Online

Lab 9 - Chloroplast and Leaf

Virtual Photosynthesis Western Kentucky University
Cloroplast Anatomy
Chloroplast Functions
Leaf Structure
by Jim Wanamaker of Lew-Port

Lab 10 - Meiosis

Meiosis Northeastern State University
Meiosis Animation PBS

Lab 11 - Statistical Inheritance

Genetics Tutorials
Corn Genetics Wayne's Word
Corn Genetics Western Kentucky University

Lab 12 -Mendelian Inheritance

Drosophila Lab Western Kentucky University
Mutant Fruit Flies Exploratorium

Lab 13-Human Genetics

Karyotyping University of Utah
The Gene Machine Bill Kendrick
What is Inheritance? GSLC
Karyotyping Northland College

Lab 14 -DNA Structure & Function

DNA Workshop PBS
Cell Biology Animation John Kyrk

Lab 15 -DNA Extraction

Virtual DNA Extraction Western Kentucky University
DNA Extraction Exploratorium
DNA Extraction University of Utah

Lab 16 -DNA Fingerprinting

Paternity Testing Sumanas Inc.


Lab 17: Theory and Evidence
Evolution of the Continents
Lab 18: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Lab 19: Selection, Adaptation and Speciation