COSC 1301 (4001) - 2014 Fall
COSC 1436 (4001) - 2014 Fall
COSC 1436 (4003) - 2014 Fall
COSC 1437 (4001) - 2014 Fall
COSC 2436 (4001) - 2014 Fall


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Name: Teresa Fernandez
Location: LSC Montgomery
Office Phone: 936/273-7349
Bld/Office: LSC - Montgomery -D  F-343
Title: Faculty - Professor
Position: Prof - Computer IT
2014 Fall
COSC.1301.4001 (LEC) Intro to Computers
COSC.1301.4002 (LAB) Intro to Computers
COSC.1436.4001 (LEC) Programming Fund I
COSC.1436.4002 (LAB) Programming Fund I
COSC.1436.4003 (LEC) Programming Fund I
COSC.1436.4004 (LAB) Programming Fund I
COSC.1437.4001 (LEC) Programming Fund II
COSC.1437.4002 (LAB) Programming Fund II
COSC.2436.4001 (LEC) Programming Fund III
COSC.2436.4002 (LAB) Programming Fund III



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October 14th, 2009 by tfernandez



My name is Teresa S. Fernandez, I hold a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University . I am a full-time professor for Lone Star College - Montgomery in Texas . Other courses I teach include Visual Basic .NET, C++ and JAVA programming languages. My favorite programming language is C++. I believe it is a language that helps students develop sound programming skills. I am married and have two daughters and a son.

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