Community leaders recommend facilities to accommodate growth

A committee of community leaders recommended to the Lone Star College System Board of Trustees in February that the system build new learning facilities and infrastructure sufficient to accommodate the system’s historical growth.

Barbara Thomason, president of the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, spoke on behalf of the committee members who represent area businesses, education, government and civic sectors to the LSCS Board of Trustees at the board’s regular meeting.

“We offer these recommendations in the best interest of Lone Star College System and the communities it serves,” Thomason said.

She explained that the committee recognized the need to make plans to stay ahead of the drastic growth seen by the college, along with maintaining the tax rate, which is the same as it was 15 years ago.

“Our committee was in agreement that any bond program the college undertakes should not impact the tax rate,” she said, which is a commitment shared by LSCS as well as members of the LSCS Board of Trustees.

Since the last bond referendum was approved by voters in May of 2008, LSCS has added 30,000 students to its rolls, an increase of 58 percent.

“The enrollment growth at Lone Star College System is unprecedented,” said Dr. Richard Carpenter, LSCS chancellor. “Our colleges are at or beyond capacity, even with the facilities that were brought online as a result of the 2008 bond referendum.

“These projects being recommended by the committee represent facilities needs in three to four years, when we’re projecting our enrollment will surpass 100,000 students,” said Dr. Carpenter.

Citizens Facilities Review Committee Members

  • Jerry Albrecht
  • Erv Baumeyer
  • Genesee Bell
  • Gabe Beltran
  • Rick Berry
  • Debbie Blackshear
  • Dalane Bouillion
  • Jill Boullion
  • Mike Byers, Sr.
  • Jim Cain
  • Ann Candela
  • Richard Cantu
  • Lamar Casparis
  • Sonia Clayton
  • Andy Dill
  • Charlie Dromgoole
  • Paul Dusebout
  • Don Fincher
  • Kenn Franklin
  • Don Gaddy
  • Gary Gardner
  • Rhoda Goldberg
  • David Gottlieb
  • Reggie Gray
  • Chris Grice
  • Scott Harper
  • Mark Henry
  • Bruce Hillegeist
  • Olus Holder
  • Marie Holmes
  • Linda Humphries
  • Gerald Irons, Sr.
  • Mary Jadloski
  • Keith Kearney
  • Tom Kikis
  • Lori Klein Quinn
  • Robert LeDay
  • Beverly LeDay
  • Reginald Lillie
  • Enrique Lima
  • Jane Linder
  • Justin Lindstorm
  • Larry Lipton
  • Carole Little
  • Jerry Lowry
  • Linda Macias
  • Jamie Mares
  • Julie Martineau
  • Leslie Martone
  • Mary Matteson Parrish
  • Susan McDonald
  • John McStravick
  • Linda Mercier
  • Roy Morton
  • John Neubauer
  • Don Norrell
  • Ken Odom
  • Peggy Presnell
  • Beryl Ramsey
  • Lee Robison
  • Mario Rosales
  • Deborah Rose Miller
  • Mark Sappington
  • Denese & Dick Schmelzkopf
  • Marshall Schott
  • Guy Sconzo
  • Nancy Shortsleeve
  • Louis Smith
  • Ann Snyder
  • Todd Stephens
  • Melinda Stephenson
  • Don Stockton
  • Barbara Thomason
  • Lloyd Tisdale
  • William Turk
  • David Vaughn
  • Massey Villarreal
  • Kelly Violette
  • Bud Wethington
  • Mary Whitaker
  • Glenn Wilkerson
  • Jennifer Williams
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Citizens Review Presentation

Barbara Thomason speaking before the Board of Trustees

Barbara Thomason speaking before the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Jim Cain, Barbara Thomason, Keith Kearney, Gerald Irons, Sr., and Keith Kearney

Dr. Jim Cain, Barbara Thomason, Keith Kearney, Gerald Irons, Sr., and Keith Kearney.

Barbara Thomason speaking before the Board of Trustees

Barbara Thomason presenting to the Board of Trustees.

Smart Investment for Future Growth

  • No tax rate increase
  • Added 30,000 students in past 5 years; 58% growth
  • Projecting more than 100,000 students by 2018
  • Strong budget management and
    accelerated debt pay down
  • AAA Bond Rating
  • Frozen tax rate for 65+ and disabled
  • Rapidly increasing community demand

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