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Campus Solutions Bundle Schedule 2014/2015 (dates are estimates)

PeopleSoft delivers application software packages called "bundles" four times per year (quarterly).  A bundle release contains four elements:  1. New Software Features, 2. Capability Enhancements, 3. Fixes for Known Issues, and 4. Regulatory Compliance Items.  View the full calendar schedule of Campus Solutions Bundle Updates for 2014/2015.   Click this link to view all Enterprise Applications Bundle Schedule (includes HRM, ELM, FSM, Portal).

Go Live
Go Live
 Bundle 38   Regs 3
 07/24/15    12/19/15
 Bundle 39  Regs 4
10/24/15     12/19/15
 Bundle 40 Regs 1
01/22/16  03/06/16   

Daily Open/Closed Ticket Report

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Campus Solutions Ongoing Projects

Bundles 40 Retrofit
Status:  Planning
% Complete:  0%
To apply the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application software Bundle #40  and the associated CS Mobile 5.1.5 update. The bundle delivers regulatory compliance updates for Financial Aid Regulatory Releases 2 for 2016. It also provides a number of software fixes, enhancements and satisfies the prerequisites for Campus Solutions Bundle 41. We will also apply the Oracle Managed Services Retrofit project and any Oracle prerequisite patches or post bundle release critical patches.  According to Highpoint's Maintenance Schedule, the CS Mobile 5.1.5 update will be available on 02/01/16 with CS bundle #40.

Milestones Update
Status:  Active
% Complete:  34%
The following tickets were closed and combined into this project.

1. INC0083349: Change run control for 1st milestone template process. Request ability to enter multiple terms to pick up everyone that should be assigned a template.  Either multiple terms or terms greater than xxxx would work.  Records & Enrollment > LSC Custom Recs & Enroll > LSC Enroll Students > Assign TSI Milestones in Batch

2. SCTASK0177941: We need to create a new TSI Milestone for the new Mathways initiated by the state which can complete students with a Non-Algebra Intensive pathway.  We will not be able to add a rule for this to show completion as it's not the "normal" TSI Math Complete.   We will basically have two ways to complete math for TSI. 1) Regular Algebra Intensive path – TSI Math (what we have now) and 2) Non-Algebra Intensive path – new.

Modifying Files Sent via Campus Solutions SAIP to Desire2Learn
Status: Active
% Complete:  0%
The current course titles sent via SAIP do not currently include any semester information.  We propose appending a short semester identifier to the session code in order to resolve this issue.  As the course titles are already quite long, the semester identifier would need to be short keeping two letters to identify the term (SP, SU, FA) and two numbers to identify the year.  An example of this course title may be "Introduction to Spreadsheets ITSW-1404-4001 SP14-1" where the SP14 and a dash are added before the session number.  This would resolve an issue where instructors cannot find their current course in the mail and course copy tools when they teach the same course and section over multiple terms.

Colleague Sunset
Status: Active
% Complete:  26%
To formally and officially retire all Colleague users from the prior ERP systems, Colleague, and NHCC (old NHMCCD system).

RSAN Emergency Management
Status: Active
% Complete:  10%
To create student files for the RSAN emergency system.

SPEEDE Transcript Phase 2
Status: Planning
% Complete:  0%
Second phase of the SPEEDE inbound process.

TouchNet Mobile Application
Status: Proposal-Draft
% Complete:  0%
LSC is moving to a mobile platform for many of its registration and website activities. We would like to add the payment feature to this as well.  Students can currently pay on their mobile devices but it requires alot of manipulation (pinching and scrolling, etc) to complete the task.  The TouchNet mobile app will provide a better student payment experience for phones, tablets, etc.

Campus Solutions Projects Recently Completed

LOLA and TCA Contact Pages for Text Messaging

New Library System Script Extract

Bundle 38/39 Retrofit

SAIP/Online College Phase 2

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