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Campus Solutions Bundle Schedule 2014/2015
(dates are estimates)

PeopleSoft delivers application software packages called "bundles" four times per year (quarterly).  A bundle release contains four elements: 
1. New Software Features, 2. Capability Enhancements, 3. Fixes for Known Issues, and 4. Regulatory Compliance Items.  View the full calendar schedule of Campus Solutions Bundle Updates for 2014/2015.

Go Live
Go Live
 Bundle 33  Regs 3
 04/25/14    06/22/14
*Bundle 34  Regs 4
 07/25/14  09/14/14  
 Bundle 35  Regs 1
 10/24/14  12/07/14  
 Bundle 36  Regs 2
01/23/15   03/01/15  
 Bundle 37  Regs 3
04/24/15   06/21/15  
 Bundle 38   Regs 4
 07/24/15 09/13/15   

*Bundle 34 Documentation

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Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Statement of Direction 2014-2015

Campus Solutions Ongoing Projects

Milestones Cleanup and Enhancement
Milestones – New Development. Add logic for Veterans Waiver.

Financial Aid State Reports
This project is needed to satisfy state requirements to report on the TEOG and Texas Grant funds.

Colleague Sunset
To formally and officially retire all Colleague users from the prior ERP systems, Colleague, and NHCC (old NHMCCD system).

Bundle 34
To apply the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application software Bundle 34 which delivers regulatory compliance updates for Financial Aid Regulatory Release 3 for 2014 – 2015. It also provides a number of software fixes, enhancements and satisfies the prerequisites for Campus Solutions Bundle 34. We will also apply the Oracle Managed Services Retrofit project and any Oracle prerequisite patches or post bundle release critical patches.

Academic Partnerships iStar Integration
This project facilitates the integration between iStar and AP (Academic Partnership).  

RSAN Emergency Management
To create student files for the RSAN emergency system.

Texas State Reporting
To provide data for Texas State Reporting including TEOG, Texas Grant and FAD001 enhancements and corrections.

VA Benefit Certification
To roll out the delivered Campus Solutions VA Benefit functionality to support the VA certification business process.

Door Access/Badge System
To provide a single repository of information in order to generate student ID cards from a single-source system, and to control badge access to sensitive areas for students, particularly Health Professions

Federal College Work Study Integration-Enhancement
This modification is needed to satisfy a requirement of the State of Texas and the Federal Government. Each year, both entities require the institution to report work study data elements on all recipients of the award. Data elements include but are not limited to bio/demo data, FAFSA information, and award information.  Campus Solutions does not provide a way to track student's earnings.

Follett Bookstore Interface
This project is to create the VM's and install the Follett ConnectOnce appliance which will allow for a more streamlined, accurate and flexible course import process.  The benefit is to more accurately identify and stock LSCS textbooks to students by allowing more frequent data loads that are pulled from Campus Solutions rather than static Excel spreadsheets.

Symplicity Accommodate Disability Services Database
Implement Symplicity Accommodate Disability Service Database.  Sympliciy Accommodate is compatible with PeopleSoft.  It will be important to refresh data nightly (can be an automatic refresh), once implemented, so that accurate reports can be generated through ORIE. 

Replacement of Comevo Process
Currently,  LSCS has Comevo for another year on contract to track the Orientation and Pre-Assessment Activity.  We would like to consider other options to move away from this contract whether it's possibly in-house or through another outside vendor interfacing with CS. 

Enrollment Cancellation Enhancement
This project is to drop the last class first for credit classes which is an enhancement to the current enrollment cancellation process.

F1 Visa Insurance Change Process
This project is to fix the equation engine (EE) and create audit reports for advisers and student financials.

Campus Solutions Projects Recently Completed

Bundle 33

CollegeNet-Automation of Faculty Course Evaluations

Graduation Application

T2 Integration

SPEEDE Inbound

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