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Welcome to the CyFair CARE Website! We are excited to serve students in our surrounding communities. CARE stands for College Awareness, Readiness, and Education. The CARE initiative is a team effort between Lone Star College-CyFair and Cy-Fair ISD to reduce the need for remediation among recent high school graduates and accelerate college developmental education sequence.

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The CARE Initiative is offering students who test into the highest Developmental Math or English sequence the opportunity to take developmental and college level classes in the same semester. The following classes are being offered this Fall semester:

Subject Cat Nbr Sect Days Start End
MATH 0310 5X33 MW 10:15 am 12:55 pm
MATH 0310 5X33 F 10:15 am 11:45 am
MATH 0310 5X34 F 11:55 am 12:55 pm
MATH 1314 5X52 MWF 10:15 am 12:55 pm
MATH 1314 5X53
MATH 0310 5X37 MWF 1:05 pm 3:45 pm
MATH 0310 5X38
MATH 1314 5X56 MWF 1:05 pm 3:45 pm
MATH 1314 5X57
ENGL 0309 5L51 T 10:00 am 11:50 am
ENGL 0309 5L52 TH 10:00 am 11:50 am
ENGL 1301 5L52 TTH 12:15 pm 1:40 pm
ENGL 0309 5X53 WF 10:45 am 1:25 pm
ENGL 0309 5X54 M 10:45 am 1:25 pm
ENGL 1301 5X92 MW 10:35 am 1:30 pm
ENGL 0309 5X55 T 1:20 pm 5:10 pm
ENGL 0309 5X56 TH 1:20 pm 5:10 pm
ENGL 1301 5X94 TTH 1:30 pm 4:35 pm

Approval is required. Please contact Teresa Walling at or 281.290.3503

Contact Information

High School Students

For more information please contact your College Career Specialist on your High School campus.

Lone Star College Students

For more information about the CARE initiative please contact our CARE Coordinator:

Teresa Walling
CARE Coordinator/Advisor

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