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February 14, 2008


In Attendance:

LSC-North Harris - Kathy Bible                           LSC-Montgomery - Cynthia Lang          

LSC-Kingwood - Cathleen Quayle                      LSC-North Harris - Sylvia Ellis

LSC-Montgomery - Doris Odell                          LSC-Kingwood - Danny Osburn                        

LSC-Tomball - Marilyn Silva                               LSC-Montgomery - Barbara Thomas                 

LSC-Kingwood - Beverly Bodenhamer               LSC-Tomball - Candy Read                              

LSC-Montgomery - Cynthia Shoppa                   LSC-CyFair - Melissa Pickering

LSC-CyFair - Rachel Kilgore                              LSC-CyFair - Cristina Barron     


Agenda Items
 Follow-Up Items

 The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.

Introductions were made.

The minutes were reviewed. Cathleen Quayle made a motion the minutes be approved, Danny Osburn seconded the motion, and the approved unanimously.

 The minutes from previous meetings have been posted on the district's website at http://www.lonestar.edu/123982.

 Kathy Bible has scheduled future meetings in room 112 at the Lone Star College System. Meetings will be held the second Thursday of each month except for a couple of exceptions. Because of Spring Break, we will meet the 6th of March. In November, we will meet on the 20th.
Class Rolls
 The CE Council will decide at their March meeting whether or not to accept the new class rolls form recommended by the CE Workgroup.

Mary Fitzgerald is working on the class roll form for corporate training. It will be similar to what CE is currently using.
Data Purge
 Danny Osburn was given a mnemonic to try in Test in Colleague but was not satisfied with the results. At this time, Filemaker Pro is capturing data from 4 years backwards and forwards. The goal is to have that cut in half.
 Mike Green trained over 100 people to use MRE but the college district has only 10 licenses available. This would limit us to 2 users per campus.

CE Registration Form
 The CE Council has recommended each campus use the same registration form. We created the form currently used but with the name change, we want to change it again.

Barbara Thomas recommended the statement previously on the format attesting that all information is true and correct be added to the new form
 Danny Osburn has requested the template from LaNae Ridgwell.
 The evaluations are no longer scanned like those on the credit side.

 What do you do with your CE evaluation forms? Do you keep them and for how long?

Should we be using the same form as  Credit?
Add/Drop Forms
 Each campus should be using the same Add/Drop form used in Credit. 

At this time, LSC-Montgomery is the only campus using a different form.

Master Certificates
 Each campus should be using the same format for the Master Certificates.

It was suggested that a list of the classes completed to earn the Master Certificate be listed on the back of the certificate.
MOA and MOAA Forms
 An MOA is to be completed by adjunct faculty for each class they teach.

An MOAA is to be completed by full-time staff who are teaching outside their regular office hours.

 Please proof all forms; the registration form, class rolls, evaluations, certificates, etc.; and send any corrections or change requests to Kathy Bible by February 29.

 Kathy will present suggestions to the CE Council at their next scheduled meeting in March.
 Kathryn Cronin is working with continuing education to help us utilize Colleague to enter CE payroll.

Corporate Training
 Corporate Training will be moving to the system office. Representatives will still be housed on each campus.

Online Applications
 At this time, the online application does not require students to complete the entire form before registering for a continuing education course. The online application will also allow students to sign-up for a payment plan. If a student has not paid for the course by the census date, it cannot be counted in the state report. We are losing money!

 Kathy Bible will report the problem.
State Reporting
 March 1 starts the base year for State Reporting.
 Should we keep class rolls after the base year and send them for imaging?
ALL Program
 Lone Star College-Kingwood uses a Volunteer Application and Release form instead of a regular application.  The volunteer must also have a background check. A ‘PAR' is completed to add the volunteer in Colleague as the instructor of record.

 Should we be using a system form or should the form be campus specific?
Training Requested
 On-Base: allows access to data images, it is searchable, keep only a couple of years of information, send forms to LSC System via inter-office mail for imaging, package by terms, cut  credit card information off of registration forms before sending.

Informer: training being offered at LSC-Montgomery on February 29. Once the colon prompt is gone...Informer will be the only way to access reports.

Next Meeting
 March 6, 9:00-11:30 a.m. in 112 at the Lone Star College System office.