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Continuing Education Workgroup

September 13, 2007

In Attendance:
NHC – Chernette Abbs   KC – Danny Osburn
NHC – Kathy Bible   TC – Candy Read      
MC – Barbara Lord   MC – Barbara Thomas
MC – Doris Odell
Agenda Items Outcomes/Decisions Follow-Up Items
 The meeting was called to order at 9:20 a.m. 
Structure of Council Meetings Danny presented the Simple Structure of our meetings. Each college will have one vote and only one vote, even if one college has 4 representatives present. We put that plant to a vote and everyone approved the structure.
 Danny presented the previous chairs and their years of service:
• Kayla Marshall – 1 year (TC)
• Candy Read – 1 year (MC)
• Sylvia King – 3 years (NHC)
• Danny Osburn – 2 years (KC)
Kathy Bible was then nominated as the next Chair. Open voting took place and it was unanimous. Kathy Bible accepted the position. She will hold the position for one school. Each August, a new chair will be nominated or the current chair can hold the position for another year with the approval from the other members.
Doris Odell was then nominated as Secretary/Recorder in the same fashion as above. It was also unanimous and Doris has accepted the position. 
Class Rolls The following changes were proposed for the Class Roll sheets:
• Using the DSTC logo instead of having them campus specific
• No learning outcomes since it is not required for CE classes
• Include the student’s contact information
• Class meeting dates would reflect 1-20
• Margin on left side would be increased for those who punch holes in the document. Kathy Bible will bring a sample to the next meeting for approval.
Training Linda Wade will schedule a CE Section Building Training class to be held at the next meeting.  

 For classes with no grade, instructor’s should enter NR (Not Recorded) to update and remove classes from RGN. Kathy will ask Priscilla Strawbridge  how CE Youth and ALL classes can be coded  with NR so they do not show up on RGN after classes have ended.
 CE Class Data (Data Warehouse)

 Information is downloaded daily into FileMakerPro.  Data is usually purged every few years. Kathy will ask Martha Obern if data can be purged yearly.
All page numbers reference 2006/2007 catalog.