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Continuing Education Workgroup

October 11, 2007

In Attendance:
CFC – Jones, Sharon   MC – Lord, Barbara  NHC – Abbs, Chernett
CFC – Taber, Janet   MC – Odell, Doris  NHC – Bible, Kathy   
DSTC – Strawbridge, Priscilla  MC – Thomas, Barbara  NHC – Ellis, Sylvia
KC – Benard, Sheila   MC – Luna, Luisa  NHC – Robinson, LJ
KC – Danny Osburn   MC – Lang, Cynthia
Agenda Items Outcomes/Decisions Follow-Up Items
 The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.
Introductions were made.
The minutes were approved unanimously.
Informer LJ Robinson demonstrated how easy Informer to run various reports. Informer is a tool based on a website that will extricate data from Colleague.
To obtain access to a report, send a request via the Colleague application on the web. You must provide each query name on the request. 
 For a list of available reports, visit web page #72778.

Class Rolls
 Kathy Bible handed out a copy of the new Class Roll sheet. The new Class Roll/Grade Sheet will have the NHMCCD logo, ‘Corporate’ removed from the heading, no learner outcomes required.
 Supervisors need to review and approve the new form within 2 weeks.
NR Grades All Continuing Education classes should be graded. Classes without grades should have NR (not reported) inserted.
• Run  Missing Grades Report
• FRGN to Post Grades
• GRSL to Verify Grades
• BGVU to Finalize Grades We are going to test out grading at next meeting.
Printing Certificates using Informer Chenette Abbs explained the steps used to print certificates using Informer Chernette Abbs will demonstrate how to print certificates using Informer at the next meeting.

Purging CE Data in FilemakerPro Kathy Bible will complete the request form for Martha Oburn to start purging data every 2 years.
FYI If you cancel a class before printing a roster, log into TEST to test to print the roster because TEST is always a day behind LIVE. 
Next Meeting November 8, 9:00-11:30 a.m. at DSTC.
 The room number will be sent with the agenda for the next meeting.