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November 8, 2007


In Attendance:

NHC - Kathy Bible                                 MC - Cynthia Lang                    KC - Kathleen Qualey

NHC - Chernette Abbs                           MC - Doris Odell                       KC - Danny Osburn                              

NHC - Sylvia Ellis                                 MC - Barbara Thomas               KC - Elaine Myers

TC - Candy Read                                  MC - Luisa Luna                        KC - Beverly Bodenhamer        


Agenda Items
 Follow-Up Items

 The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.

Introductions were made.

The minutes were reviewed and approved unanimously.

 The minutes from previous meetings have been posted on the district's website at http://www.lonestar.edu/123982.
Class Rolls

 Kathy Bible handed out a copy of the new Class Roll sheet. When approved, the new Class Roll/Grade Sheet will have the new Lone Star logo, ‘Corporate' removed from the heading, no learner outcomes required.  All changes were approved by those present.

 Kathy will present to CE Council at the meeting in December.
Printing Certificates using Colleague & Informer
 Chernette Abbs demonstrated how to print Certificates by pulling a list of classes from Informer, using the saved list from Informer to get a list of the students using Colleague, opening the list in MS Word, and using MailMerge to print the certificates.

 Informer Report INF_ST_AC_10022 and Colleague Mnemonic XCEC used to print certificates.

For more detailed information, contact Chernette Abbs for a copy of the handout.
 We still have a lot of classes out there without grades. Grades should be entered for every class except GED, ALL, and Youth classes.  A grade of NR (not reported) will need to be entered for all ALL and Youth classes unless your campus has other requirements.

 To enter grades, request the following mnemonics:

GRSL - Grading Selection Screen

FGRN - Final Grading by Name

FGID - Final Grade per Student

BGVU - Batch Grade Verification
Purging CE Data in Data Warehouse
 Kathy Bible is still working with IT to get the old data purged from data warehouse.

 We would like to have each campus using the same forms and have a better way to pull the information out of Colleague.

 Send a copy of the MOA and/or MOU used at your campus to Kathy Bible.
 If you have forgotten to run a roster before cancelling a class, there is a report in Informer to identify students registered in cancelled classes.

 Before classes start each semester, run XRGD.  This sets the add/drop dates for classes.

Next Meeting
 December 13, 9:00-11:30 a.m. at DSTC.

 The room number for the next meeting will be sent with the agenda.