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December 13, 2007


In Attendance:

NHC-Laurie Bernier                                TC-Marilyn Silva                                    TC-Candy Read

DSTC-Melissa McLeod                          CFC-Rachel Kilgore                  

CFC-Melissa Pickering                           NHC - Bible, Kathy                               

DSTC - Priscilla Strawbridge                 MC - Thomas, Barbara             




Agenda Items
 Follow-Up Items

 The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.

Introductions were made.

The minutes were not available for approval.

Certificates of Attendance (Class rolls)
   The common class roll will be presented to the CE Council at their next meeting.


No Grade Scheme

 As of now, there is still a grading scheme for Youth and ALL courses.  The Workgroup would like to see that removed so that class rolls wouldn't be required for these courses.  Colleges are trying to clean up courses that have never had grades assigned, so that they stop pulling into reports.

 Needs to go to CE Council for discussion and approval.
Data Purge
 Filemaker Pro has too many years of accumulated data in it.  The Workgroup feels that just the last two years should be stored.  Danny is working with District to solve problems of missing information, etc.  Candy suggested bringing data in from the warehouse,putting it into Excel, cleaning it up and then importing it back into FMP.

CE Registration Forms
 The form has some errors on it and needs cleaning up.  It needs to be redone with the new logo and name.  Candy has corrected Tomball's zipcode and will send the PDF to Kathy for further corrections.
Program certificates
 Colleges have different processes for producing their program certificates.  Tomball uses their regular certificates with special gold stickers applied.  The NHC Certicate packet was passed around for review.  After discussion, the general concensus was that our current program certificate practices are fine and don't need any changes.

Corporate Training Certificates
 They will probably start being done by District once the new CT model is laid out and finalized.
New issuess
 -State Reporting Workgroup is meeting monthly to cover CE and credit realted issues

-Janaury CE Workgroup meeting is cancelled

-Put Base Year discussion on next agenda
Next Meeting
 February 14, 9:00-11:30 a.m. at DSTC.

 The room number will be sent with the agenda for the next meeting.