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CE Council
February 5, 2008
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Training and Development Center Room 112 
Attendance:   Abdul Tamimi (CF), Linda Head (MC, interim chair), Jimmy Adams (NH), Laurie Bernier (NH), Katherine Miller (T), Susanne Thaler (System Office)
Agenda Item Comments/Action Required

Call to Order

Approval of Meeting Notes:
November 6, 2007
(No December or January meetings) Minutes approved as written.

CE Marketing Subcommittee Recommendations :
1. General Recommendations
2. Other items to consider soon:
     1. ALL logo
     2. Certificates
     3. Summer Schedule Steve Lestarjette presented the "Report of the Workforce Program Marketing Subcommittee" and asked for input.  The findings support the results of the "CE Marketing Subcommittee." ALL external publications will go through Public Information Council for branding and logos for approval.
Program managers need to begin work on streamlining workforce and leisure programs. Linda will discuss with sub-committee chairs.
Steve is aware that the ALL logo, CE Certificates and the summer schedule need the System office to add logo or change the item for our use. We will get updates from the college PIC member.

Review of Course Chooser for Rider 50 Exemptions:  Charge to Committees
  Linda will verify with Linda Luehrs-Wolfe that the committee making recommendations for exceptions to Rider 50 include CE linked courses and that we are given the opportunity through the program managers in the areas selected to recommend courses they might have missed. This will be put back on the March agenda.  It was not discussed at this meeting since we need to get additional information.

CE Pricing Review   In an effort to benchmark Lone Star College CE, each CE Council member will research one of the colleges in the Gulf Coast region to review:
1. Pricing of CE courses (in the areas of workforce, leisure, and seminars/workshops)
2. Pay for CE instructors (in the areas of workforce, leisure, and seminars/workshops)
The college assignments are:
San Jacinto (Katherine), College of the Mainland (Jimmy), HCC (Abdul), Lee College (Linda), Galveston (Jimmy), Alvin (Susanne)
Each committee member will send their findings to Linda who will create a spreadsheet with all results in comparative fashion to be reviewed at the March meeting.

Pay Differential:
  Montgomery proposed a new pay level for CE workforce or leisure instructors who may teach classes that require an industry or profession recognized certification or licensure:
• Golf (PGA certified)
• Interior Design (AISD certified)
• Dance
• Yoga (ACE)
• Welding (AWS)
Deferring to next month following research described in agenda item #5.

CE Website 
Jen Murillo discussed the Web Trends Report to make us aware of how our current and potential CE students find information on our website and what they are looking for. We will get this each month.
She also reported progress on the Web Redesign project.
CE registration is an IT project on our pending list below. We will invite Shah Ardalan to the March meeting. Linda and Susanne will create a summary and report to Dr. Key on the issues with CE Registration to include the following:
1. Dead-end trails on CE reg
2. Online registration for Discovery College and E-parental release
3. $10 per credit hour fee for pure DL. We have DL linked and no $10 tech fee on these courses. Needs to be added at section level. Note, CE does not have credit hours but contact hours. The fee could support additional online student services.
4. Augusoft for CE registration:  $40,000 1st year ,  $12,000 maintenance each year

General Use Fee
Need similar fee in CE and like to see it back in our budgets for the following year.  Add to IT priority list. $2 per credit hour equivalent for Summer 08.  Need for programming at section level?  Impact for Spring 2008 in linked courses?
9 NACCE Report Various CE program managers attended the NACCE conference January 2008. The group will work to make recommendations to CE Council for a common CE Entrepreneurship program, chaired by Abdul. Linda will also participate. If there is a credit piece then that will also be included.
Faculty Pay Rate Exceptions: Independent contractors See e-mail from Jean Grove, October 23rd.  Ref: GTTC pay rates. 

Veteran reimbursement Susanne Thaler reported that Contessa Scroggins has a need for veterans to have reimbursement for participating in the alternative teacher certification. It would be a Hazelwood exception and CE council does not approve or recommend. No action required.
CE Class Roles - common forms New roster was introduced by Kathy Bible. Some of the major changes are: fit all course information on top line, fit all information for a student on one line, use 30 student names rather than 40. 
Certificates were just ordered and need to be redesigned. Kathy will take to CE workgroup for a recommendation.
Our understanding is that MOAA is to be completed in the department where the instructor works full-time.

Sub Committees of CE Council Linda will request that CE Workgroup, Business Training Council, etc. send minutes to CE Council chair and let us know important items to bring to our meetings.
  Announcements None
  Next Meeting IT and CE registration - Invite Shah Ardalan
TPEG for next meeting agenda  - invite system Financial Aid Director
Foundation scholarships - John Hooker
  Meeting adjourned @ 1:49 p.m.
Updates on Projects in Progress:
CE Online Registration  Tom Hill, System IT was to review and assign to a project manager/programmer to begin work in November, 2007.
  At District HR for review and recommendations At DSTC HR on November 29, 2007. Jean Grove is developing a common MOA that we would all adopt. Linda Head will follow up with her office to determine status. The MOU is used at each campus and we call it something different at each depending on our needs. This is really a set of instructions for the instructors on what to do with the CE forms. Since the process for CE is different at each campus it would be impossible at this time to use a template.
3rd Party Vendor List Completed, Vision Point and TMAC added, Flex Orthopedics deleted.
Terry and Katherine to review procedures and report back
CE FAQ Website  

Payment Plan Identify programs or courses to be eligible; Identify other Texas Colleges that use TouchNet...requested Nov 30, 2007.
Discovery College e-Release Discussion.  In place by February 2008 for implementation in Summer 08.
General Use Fee $2 per credit hour equivalent for Summer 08.  Need for programming at section level?  Impact for Spring 2008 in linked courses?