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CE Council
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
System Office, Room 138
Minutes (approved)
Members: Abdul Tamimi (CF), Robin Garrett (K), Linda Head (M - interim chair), Jimmy Adams (NH), Katherine Miller (T), Susanne Thaler (SO)
  Agenda Item Comments/Action Required
Call to Order: 

Approval of Meeting Notes: February 5, 2008 Committee approved the minutes with revisions.

CE IT Priorities:
1.) CE Registration
    1. Dead-end trails on CE registration
    2. Difficult to use
    3. Online registration for Discovery College and E-parental release
    4. Augusoft demonstration as alternative to Colleague programming
2.) $10 per credit hour fee for pure DL. We have DL linked and no $10 tech fee on these courses. Needs to be added at section level and we do not have credit hour we have contact hour. It will support additional online student services.
3.) General Use Fee of $2 per credit hour
  Introduced Shah Ardalan to CE Council who discussed the importance of CE IT priorities as determined by CE council this fall - primarily online registration.

Comments/Action Required 
1.)Shah was also concerned about CE online registration issues.
His recommendations:
He does not want us to continue researching other vendors (Augusoft). We should focus on what we have first and see if it can be modified. If not, IT will look at other vendors as a last resort.
He asked us to establish a taskforce (#1) to start looking at some vendors to recommend but indicated that it may take a while to decide on the best CE registration model to use.
Also, asked us to establish another taskforce (#2) to make recommendations on what/how we could fix the current problems.
Jimmy, Deana and Katherine Miller
Taskforce #2
Linda, Robin and Abdul
2) For DL linked courses, there is a $10 fee that also needs to be added in colleague. Shah will work on it and will let Pat McDougal know if it can be automated in the CIF process. Pat will give CE Council an update. Recommendation for CEPMs to work with Pat and see how this could work.
CEPMs to work with Pat on $10 fee in CIF.
Donna Daughdrill, Nadia Nazarenko, Christina Hinkson, Robin Garrett, Pattie Harakal.
3) By June 1st Shah indicated that all linked CE classes will have the $2 per credit hour added in colleague by System Office IT if it is possible to automate. Pat McDougal will be the contact for IT and CE Council.
Payment Plans: Alternative Teacher Certification and other programs? Linda and Robin indicated that they found out that CE students currently have the option for using the payment plan to pay for their classes.
Question: Who should we invite to the meeting to let us know how that works and how/who monitors it?
Linda will follow up with Terry Sawma and the business office to see if this is truly happening.
What should we do to ensure students are paying or are dropped for non-payment? What happened to our previous recommendations/request to look into the payment plan option for CE students?
Linda will invite someone from the Business Office at the System Office to our meeting to help clarify this issue.
CE Marketing SubCommittee Recommendations: Centralized CE schedule/catalog - recommendations for effective consolidation There is concern that the SO will centralize the CE schedule without recommendations from CE Council.
Jimmy Adams will follow up with Steve Lestarjette to schedule a meeting with him and CE Council to discuss issues and process.
Review of Course Chooser for Rider 50 Exemptions:  Charge to Committees. (Review compiled list prior to submission to Linda LW)
• ITSW 1058
• CCDEC 1103203  Linda will send an email to all CEPMs with a list of all courses and will ask for their input then send the final list to Linda LW office.  First she will check with LLW on any list that is currently available to start with. Linda H will share the final list with CE council prior to sending to Linda LW.
CE Course Pricing Review : Should we recommend an increase based on research comparison to other colleges?  The group shared the document provided by Susanne Thaler.
We need to meet on 3/19, 1:30 at Greenspoint to first review our current pricing schedule and then make recommendations. Abdul will setup the meeting.
CE PT Instructor Pay Differential: Should we recommend a price increase or various pay rates based on our research.
• Golf (PGA certified)
• Interior Design (AISD certified)
• Dance
• Yoga (ACE)
• HTI+  We need to meet on 3/19, 1:30 at Greenspoint to first review our current salary schedule and then make recommendations. Abdul will setup the meeting.
Entrepreneurship: Recommendation on common program? Linda and Abdul will lead the taskforce that will include all people that attended the NACCE conference to help develop a common CE/Credit certificate.
Vocational Rehabilitation Veterans reimbursement: Follow up to last meeting with new information (1:30 p.m.) 
Contessa Scroggins (VA coordinator) at SO gave us an update on VA Vocational Rehab and Employment program. She is available to come speak to CE Managers and Student Services about the program. Indicated that we will be getting a lot of VA students and we need to let them know that this service is available and they can take CE courses (as long their VA counselors approve the CE Courses/programs).
CE Forms Updated (registration, certificate, transcript) Jimmy will speak to Steve Lestarjette about the 3 forms (CE certificate, registration, and transcript)
Linda will ask the CE Workgroup to work on them and have them ready for CE Council approval at our April meeting.

PLA for CE courses to Receive Workforce Skills Awards (1:30 p.m.) Linda will put a list of all WF programs and will ask CE managers to meet and make sure they are common and put on CE shared folder. Robin has started with the computer/business program managers. They will have 4 program areas complete by our April meeting: Accounting, Administrative Asst, (2nd review), Auto Cad, Graphic Artist, Supervision, Web Design. Megan Costanza from Montgomery will be added to this PM group.
  Next Meeting Date/Time Place Tentative: Monday, 4/14/08
  2:05 pm
On Hold:
  At District HR for review and recommendations sent to LSCS HR on November 29, 2007. NOTE: Linda will invite Jean Grove to our next meeting to discuss.
2 Payment Plan Identify programs or courses to be eligible; Identify other Texas Colleges that use TouchNet...requested Nov 30, 2007.
3 IT Requests:
    1. Improved CE registration
    2. Discovery College e-Release
    3. $2 per contact hour general use fee Discussion.  In place by February 2008 for implementation in Summer 08.
4 CE FAQ Website  Continually update.