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CE Council Meeting Notes


March 6, 2007

11:10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The University Center

Room 105


Attendees:  Abdul Tamimi, Cher Brock, Terry Sawma, Sunny Cooke, Linda Head,

Ruth Ann Sheppard (for Katherine Miller), Laurie Bernier, Christal Albrecht, Recorder.



•        I.      Chart of Accounts Team Executive Summary

Marian Burkhart gave an update of the GL Accounts project. The conversion is to take place
June 28 and is expected to be completed as early as July 2 and at the latest July 5. A lot of testing will take place between now and then by many different individuals. The council added some CE individuals to the review process including Danny Osburn and Louisa Luna.  Marian will contact all major workgroups and councils during the next week. PIC is going to develop posters and flyers regarding the conversion as well as info on the web and in the college credit and CE schedule to inform students when the system will be down.


•      II.      êCIF Update - Testing, Training and Implementation

Pat McDougall gave a demonstration on the new system.  Program managers have been testing the process, and expectations are to go live in April 2007. There will be training conducted for submitters at the end of March and for the approvers in April during the regular CE meeting.


Next Steps

Pat will send a link to access the system for review and encouraged members to call with questions.


•    III.      êIACET Membership and Process Renewing

Our renewal date for IACET is September 2007. To continue certification as an IACET provider, application must be submitted by June 2007 along with the $695 application fee.


Next Steps

Members will check with NCWE, NCCET and TACE as to the value of that certification and decide whether to pursue at the April meeting. Follow-up with various organizations as follows:

Christal - NCWE and NCCET

Abdul - TACE

Linda - Barbara Buchanan (TACE)


•   IV.      êInstitutional Versus College or Individuals Memberships

NCWE - Council members decided to keep the campus memberships as is.
NCCET - Decision was made to implement institutional membership with representative from each college and System Office. Members will be Sunny Cooke, Terry Sawma, Abdul Tamimi, Katherine Miller, Linda Head and TBA for NHC. Additional members can be added for $40 per person.

Next Steps

Sunny will present information on LERN membership.

•     V.      êBroader Discussion about New Endeavors at Colleges in CE

Members agreed to share information about new programs each college plans to offer at each campus. Linda will share her list as an example, and this will be discussed at the next meeting.
Phlebotomy Clinicals - The issue of a lack of clinical locations was discussed for all of the allied health and nursing programs. The new contract person at district is Adrienne Leaks, and she will pick up contract initiation and renewal. It was recommended that the district-wide credit and CE healthcare meeting, held once each semester, is a good place to share information. Sunny convenes this committee.

•   VI.      êUpdate:  Streamlining of Awards and Certificates to Consolidate/Discussion of Other Certificates to Streamline and Consolidate

CIT program managers developed two administrative assistant standardized certificates (levels I and II). They will meet March 22 and will recommend ‘stars' that could be removed from the Star Chart as a result of the new standardized certificate. Other areas to consider for consolidation are medical secretary, medical receptionist and medical office entry level supervisor, personal trainer, AutoCAD, office accounting, and computer literacy.


Next Steps

District will maintain a listing of accrediting agencies for the various programs. Colleges will add to grid of accreditations/certifications already started by NHC.


• VII.      Update:  SAS Data Meeting

Terry, Katherine and Abdul attended a meeting with SAS representatives last month regarding data needs. Data needs included socioeconomic, enrollment, trend, and revenue and expenditures data.


•VIII.      CE Online Registration Issues

Council members discussed some of the issues with CE on-line registration. The search is not user friendly or intuitive. Also there are three sets of course numbers, and the general public may be confused about which numbers to use. Another issue that was raised is that students may register and not pay for the course but show on the class roll.


VIIII.   Revenue/Expense Report Format

Terry shared reports that he uses weekly to monitor revenue coming in to CE as compared to the same week in previous years. He offered to train CE program managers in this process. He also shared reports showing the impact of removing ESL as a funded workforce education course. All colleges lost funding from no longer being able to collect funding for ESL courses. Sunny updated the Council on the development of the stand-alone CE ESL workforce fundable courses, communication for workplace courses and some general communication workplace courses. Linda also mentioned adding an English proficiency component to the workforce CE certificates and will ask the CE program managers to consider this.


•   IX.      êCE On-line Registration Screen:  "Capacity/Available Seats"

Terry would like to have the capacity/available seats removed from the CE on-line registration.


Next Steps

Sunny will make IT request.

•     X.      Review CE Membership on Curriculum Teams - Finalize at April Meeting

Sunny asked Council members to review the 2006-07 curriculum teams and make necessary changes. Council will review teams at April meeting to make sure that there is one person assigned per team for CE and that it is the appropriate individual.


•   XI.      ALL Registration and Membership Fees (originally discussed December 2006 meeting)

All campuses agreed to set their own price for the ALL membership.



The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled Tuesday, April 3, 2007.




Projects for Council to Address

Starred items will be updated or finalized at the April meeting.

Christina Todd, CE programs review criteria pilot. 

Rider 50 CE exception courses