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CE Council Meeting Notes


April 3, 2007

11:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Training and Development Center   Room 112



In attendance: Laurie Bernier (NHC), Cher Brock (NHC), Abdul Tamimi (CFC), Linda Head (MC), Katherine Miller (TC), Terry Sawma  (KC, facilitator), Christal Albrecht (CFC, recorder). Guests Sal Mira and Don Ball (SBDC)



I. CIF Update - Testing, Training and Implementation
Program approvers will get e-mail reminders when there are courses to approve, and they have 48 hours to review. Managers who do not approve courses after 24 hours will receive another e-mail. If a manager does not approve within 48 hours, the course is automatically considered approved by default.


II. Sal Mira - SBDC Director
Sal gave an update on the SBDC.  Our district's SBDC operates under the University of Houston. He described the survey that he created to obtain information from the chambers and EDC's. The results of the survey (five respondents) showed that the companies were growing, and there were a variety of training needs. With this information, Sal held several workshops with limited attendance. As a result, Sal created a seminar subcommittee of his advisory council to try to address the lack of attendance. He discussed developing an entrepreneur institute, similar to what we have at TC, NHC, and MC that could be offered and promoted at all colleges.

Sal shared his plans for individuals from SBDC to be housed at the various campuses and also

a press release for an event called "HR Essentials for All Businesses Seminar" that the SBDC will host at System Office on April 18 from 8:00 a.m. - noon.


III. TWC Industry Cluster Initiative
The president of TACE has asked each college to provide information to the state to include in a database. Sunny will talk with the CE program managers to complete the chart after we streamline our own Lone Star College System Star Chart of CE certificates under 360 contact hours.


IV. Rider 50 Continuing Education Exception List
Sunny requested that each college work with our program managers to identify WECM CE courses that should be on the Rider 50 exception list and bring them to the next meeting. We agreed that we would let the program managers know that this request has been made and that Sunny will be contacting them.


V. IACET Membership and Process Renewing
The Council agreed not to renew the IACET membership based on discussion with TACE, NCCET and NCWE. There was concern expressed by CFC that we continue the IACET certification for the benefit of the international students.


VI. Broader discussion about New Endeavors at Colleges in CE (Susanne Thaler)
Refer to Workforce Council meeting



VII. Update: Streamlining of Awards and Certificates to Consolidate/Discussion of Other Certificates to Streamline and Consolidate.
The CE program managers were to meet on March 22 to discuss the streamlined CIT certificates. Council asked for an update from the CE program managers on the status of the other areas that may be streamlined.


VIII. CE On-line Registration Screen: "Capacity/Available Seats" (Requested of IT)
Council recommended that on the registration screen the "capacity/available seats" be removed immediately, and that Sunny carry this recommendation to the IT staff. This was supposed to have occurred when the same action occurred for the credit schedule.


IX. Other items:
KC was approached by a company that also has locations in Florida, and they would like KC to provide training there. The company will pay all expenses. Terry will get more information and report back.



The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m. The next meeting will be May 1, 2007, at 11:30 - 3:00 p.m. or immediately after CESD.



Deferred to May

Institutional Versus College or Individual Memberships