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CE Council
Monday, April 14, 2008
Members:  Abdul Tamimi (CF), Robin Garrett (K), Linda Head (M - interim chair), Jimmy Adams (NH), Katherine Miller (T), Susanne Thaler (SO)
Guests: Shah Ardalan, Patricia McDougall, Steve Lestarjette, Marian Burkhart
  Agenda Item Responsible
(11:50) Call to Order 
Approval of Meeting Notes: March 4, 2008 Committee
Minutes approved with updates;
1) Add guest names to attendance list
Status on AVC Workforce position
Quarterly Report
New Program Development Status Susanne
Have already picked one final candidate for AVC Workforce and should start in June 2008. Waiting for signatures and approvals.
CE/CT Quarterly report will
1. LSC-CY-Fair is pursuing a Robotics program
2. Welding at LSC-K
3. Eileen is working on MSAs and will forward the list of tasks and timeline to Susanne to share with CE and WF councils
CE Forms Updated
(registration, certificate) Linda Head
The CE workgroup has developed common forms for CE and CT.
1. CE Certs
2. Registration forms
3. Transcript forms (not updated)
CE workgroup should send all recommendations to Linda Head instead of to CE Council and then Linda will disperse to the CE Council to review.
Susanne will ask Glen Wood what information is required to be collected from the Student Demographic Survey for state reporting (it will then be included in the CE Reg Form) However, due to schedule building timelines the registration form is okay as is for the fall schedule.
Jimmy will get with Steve Lestarjette on CE Certificates and will find out if PUC is designing one for the system.
CE council will review CE transcript before the next meeting and then make recommendations to AVC for approval. Robin will forward all the forms to council members.
CE IT Needs:
1. CE Online Registration - research on best practices - status
2. Online registration for Discovery College and E-parental release
3. $10 per credit hour DL for CE DL linked to credit DL
4. $2 per credit hour General Use Fee for CE to credit linked
5. Recommended updates to the CIF
  Susanne and Pat
Susanne will send an email to the NCCET list serve for the best CE online registration model. Council will review other colleges at the next meeting and make initial draft proposal for IT consideration.
Discovery College and E-Parental release is on hold for now.
Waiting for word from Linda Luehrs Wolfe and Rand Key on CE/Credit linked course pricing (DL fee, GUF, etc)
CIF updates approved with minor corrections. Pat will work with IT to make updates in CIF system.

Rider 50 Exemptions:  the list. (Review compiled list again prior to submission to VP Council review)
  Linda Head
Stand alone CE Courses recommended for Rider 50 by CE program managers and CE Council to be forwarded to VP Council and then to THECB for funding. (Students will be allowed to take the class more than twice and courses will be funded)
Took #s 3, 4, 49 out from the exceptions list.
Entrepreneurship: Recommendation on common program Any college offering open enrollment continuing education courses in entrepreneurship will follow the plan developed by LSC-Tomball.
7 R-18 Project Overview Shah Ardalan and Marian Burkhart
R-18 installed/upgraded last week that is faster and will go live on Thursday, June 19th through Sunday, June 22nd.
Colleague, Web Advisor, CE Online registration, anything that touches or relies on colleague will be down until Sunday.
Marian will get with CE Workgroup to work on a registration shadow system for the time R-18 is being installed on June 19 (Discovery College registration is about the same time for some of the colleges).

CE Marketing Subcommittee Recommendations for: Centralized CE schedule/catalog for Spring 2009 catalog - process for effective consolidation.
  Steve Lestarjette & Pat McDougall
Production of a Single CE catalog and schedule:
Steve gave us an update on how the concept came about which was approved by EC.
Spring schedule should be ready to be distributed by early November 2008. The New name will be LSCS CE Catalog and Schedule.
Steve shared the content and timeline with the group. Steve will email the PowerPoint to the group to share with colleagues at their campuses.
Publishing dates, the group didn't think ALL catalog would be a good idea. Steve may have to drop that publication and save money for other things.
Each college will pay for the printing etc as it has been similar to the current process for credit schedules.
Have a single number at System Office that would answer calls and questions and then forward to the campuses for more information.
Patricia gave us an update on the common CE Schedule Content Development Taskforce. Shared the purpose and method to develop one schedule.
Linda Head will gather the CE workforce skills awards from the various program manager committees and submit to CE Council.
Pending Items: Committee
* CE PT instruction MOA 
* CE Forms: Transcript 
* CE Course Pricing Review : Tabled until AVC hired  
* CE PT Instructor Pay Differential: Tabled until AVC hired 
  Next Meeting Date/Time Place Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
System Office