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CE Council
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Members:  Abdul Tamimi (CF), Robin Garrett (K), Linda Head (M - interim chair), Jimmy Adams (NH), Katherine Miller (T), Susanne Thaler (SO)
  Agenda Item/Discussion Action Item
  Call to Order 
  CNA Program Pricing Exception:
It was determined that the current CNA pricing does not allow a break-even in revenue/expenditure to cover the cost of payroll until 13 students are registered. Therefore, Council approved a price exception to begin Fall 2008 at $5 per contact hour for CNA & Phlebotomy courses courses. However, LSC-Kingwood has already adopted the new pricing for the summer and LSC-CyFair will not implement the new pricing until Spring 2009.
• 1. Abdul: New pricing at $5/contact hour will take effect Fall 2008 for all campuses except LSC-CF. Abdul will be sure they build their own sections at the lower rate.
• 2. CE Council recommends that a priority for the new AVC is to revisit CE workforce fundable pricing guidelines so that a class of 10 students collects revenue over the course expenses to include instructor payroll and supplies.
• 3. Susanne: Follow up on inoculation pricing to be sure fall CNA/Phlebotomy pricing is correct.
Approval of Meeting Notes: April 14, 2008
Minutes approved with title changes to make consistent to "minutes" rather than "notes". In addition, item #6 will be rewritten to reflect we agreed to use the Tomball Entrepreneurship Certificate as the system program to model.
  Linda Head
All colleges will use the Tomball Entrepreneurship courses if offering the Entrepreneurship Certificate fall 2008.
Workforce Development Office Update:
Introduction,  AVC Workforce Development. AVC Workforce, Dr. Ricardo Soliz, will begin June 2, 2008.
New Program Development Status - Workforce Council
Workforce Council has agreed to develop approximately 20 MSA to include short term certificates in both credit (9 - 14 credit hours) and CE (144 - 359 contact hours)
Susanne will lead the development of the Workforce Marketable Skills Awards. Eileen Booher is chairing the sub-committee of the LSC Workforce Council.
CE Program Sub-Committee Updates:
We discussed the CE program sub-committees and agree that we would like to recommend to Linda LW, the Instructional VPs and Chairs that these councils are restructured to serve as CE only curriculum teams for CE only programs. In addition, the system office will add an area for each committee to post: their membership, meeting schedule and meeting minutes. CE council will discuss pertinent items from each sub-committee at our monthly meetings and vote on items at that time. We also agree that a dean will facilitate each sub-committee as they do for credit curriculum teams. Our recommendation for committees is as follows:
• BTC (Susanne)
• Alternative Teacher Certification (Katherine Miller)
• Business & Technology (Robin Garrett)
• Health Programs (Jimmy Adams)
• Manufacturing & Construction Trades (Linda Head and will include team members of Frances, Donna, Magali and Janet)
• Adult Education (GED)
• Languages & ESL
• CE Workgroup (no report this month)  Linda Head & Susanne Thaler
Susanne & Linda will discuss with Linda LW and Linda Head will present to CESD as at the June meeting from CE Council.
CE Forms Updated (registration)
Susanne presented an update on items needed for state reporting that we should consider for CE registration form.
  Susanne & Linda H
Susanne & Linda will meet with Marion Burkhart to determine how to collect the data needed for reporting. Susanne will also discuss with Bonnie Longnion in regard to grant writing.
CE Forms Updated (certificate)
Jimmy presented drafts to consider from Steve Lestarjette. CE Council revised both the course and Workforce certificates. We agreed the program certificate should have the title of "workforce certificate" as agreed to years ago by CE Council.
Jimmy will present updates to Steve Lestarjette. ALL CE departments will begin using the new certificates Fall 2008.
CE Forms Updated (transcript)
CE Council updated the CE transcript form.
CE Council agreed all CE departments will adopt the revised CE Transcript Form. Susanne will take to Steve Lestarjette to update for Fall 2008 implementation.
Web Content Review
Rika Muhl presented the Web Content Review Committee charge and findings. Included in her discussion are:
• 1. CE student survey
• 2. Web Information Services (WIS) CE content review results
• 3. WIS Business Training content review results
  Guests: Rika Muhl & Glynecia Green
Rika will facilitate a meeting on Wednesday, May 28 @ 2:00 for CE Council members to spend more time analyzing the results of the WIS study and make recommendations for top CE/CT pages.

CE IT Priorities:
1. CE Registration - research on best practices - status
2. Online registration for Discovery College and E-parental release
3. $10 per credit hour DL for CE DL linked to credit DL
4. $2 per credit hour General Use Fee for CE to credit linked
Move to June agenda

CE Spring 2009 Schedule: 
• Schedule - Susanne presented the schedule as determined by the committee facilitated by Steve Lestarjette
• RFP for printing
• Common Workforce Skills Awards from committees - Linda presented the Workforce Certificate details as agreed upon by the CE sub-committees thus far. Welding has been finalized and will include 4 certificates with the total still under 360 contact hours. Montgomery, Kingwood and North Harris will offer the same program. Linda
Linda will send the list to Pat McDougall to use as she begins her work to coordinate the system-wide spring 2009 CE schedule. She will continue discussions with each sub-committee to try to get a more complete list.
All colleges will begin to use the common Workforce Certificates Fall 2008.
The Manufacturing & Construction Trades sub-committee would like to propose 6 of the CE welding courses articulate to credit. We will discuss further at the June meeting.
(2:20) Other  Business /Announcements Committee
* CE Course Pricing Review : Tabled until AVC hired  CE Council recommends that work on revising CE course pricing and CE instructor pay at the June meeting since both will need to be approved at the August LSC Board meeting for Fall implementation.
* CE PT Instructor Pay Differential: Tabled until AVC hired CE Council recommends that work on revising CE course pricing and CE instructor pay at the June meeting since both will need to be approved at the August LSC Board meeting for Fall implementation.
* MOA (recommendations sent to LSCS HR on November 29, 2007) 
* CE IT Priorities:
• Online registration for Discovery College and E-parental release
• $10 per credit hour DL for CE DL linked to credit DL
• $2 per credit hour General Use Fee for CE to credit linked
• Method for electronic record keeping for CE MSA and Workforce Certificate completers
  Next Meeting Date/Time Place