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Continuing Education Council June 5, 200711:30 – 3:00 p.m.Training and Development CenterRoom 112 Meeting Notes 
Present Representing
Terry Sawma Kingwood College
Katherine Miller Tomball College
Cher Brock North Harris College
Feleccia Moore-Davis Cy-Fair College for Christal Albrecht
Roberto Rodriguez  Montgomery College for Linda Head
Laurie Bernier North Harris College
Pat McDougall  Guest
 Terry Sawma chaired the meeting in Sunita Cooke’s absence and prepared the meeting notes in the absence of Dr. Albrecht.      Agenda Item 
1. Curriculum Team Membership: The Curriculum Team Membership was reviewed and edited.  Before this membership is finalized the updated list from the Deans Council must be included.  Terry will forward the edited version to Sunny for updating.
2. TREC Response to Inquiry Concerning Testing Data: The Real Estate program is a CE program and is not on the THECB workforce program inventory since it is less than 360 contact hours.  The colleges are able to identify “completers” of the program.  TREC would be the repository for those who have sat for licensure examination and pass rates.   

3. Rider 50 Continuing Education Exception List: All CE courses that are linked to ACGM courses are coded as Type 3 (leisure) since there is not a clear workforce pathway and are non-funded.  Kingwood offers ARTS 2346and 2347 and CE links to these sections.  There are many CE students that register for the linked courses long before the CE schedule is published.  Some of the CE enrolled students have completed the linked courses as many as 14 times with a satisfactory grade.  There are six CE seats in each linked section, and the CE multiple repeaters enroll in May and fill the sections preventing other CE students from enrolling who may have never taken the course.  Rider 50 (Three-Peat Rule) applies to CE Workforce courses (funded courses) but has not been applied to leisure courses.  Should Rider 50 be applied to leisure courses such as Ceramics, ESL and other ACGM linked course?  This item will be placed back on the agenda for further discussion and resolution.  
    Agenda Item 

4. CIF Update: The transition to CIF has been a relatively smooth one. Pat McDougall has been feeding back issues, as they arise to Prologic.  Most of these will be taken care of in the next update to our live server.  Currently we are reviewing the correction of known issues on the Lone Star College System TEST server.  We will also be testing some new features including,ü      Spell check,ü      Removal of character limitations on outcomes/prerequisitesü      Additional email trigger to approversü      Comments boxes for pending, archived and course revisionsü      Alphabetized dropdownsü      Additional field for supply feesThe “super users” and approvers will be providing an evaluation on how things are progressing so far at the campuses. We will look at this, and the results of the testing- as we move to the next update of the “LIVE’’ server.  Pat McDougall suggested initiating an open lab at District to provide additional training for both experienced and new users of the system. (Dates to be decided.)We need to keep the momentum going on feedback and evaluation, before Prologic’s support to the project terminates in August 07. 

5. Program Manager Groups:  Meetings, Circulations/Posting of the Minutes The Council discussed the process of circulating and posting meeting minutes from Program Manager groups.  It was recommended and approved that Sherry Young’s office be the point of distribution for all program manager meeting minutes to CE Council members and that these minutes be posted in public folders.   

6. Hazelwood Exemption: The state permits Hazelwood exemptions for Workforce CE funded courses and programs. Veterans seeking exemptions must have been a citizen of Texas at the time they entered the US military and have resided in Texas for a one-year minimum before registering for military service.  Texas Education Code TEC Chapter 54, Subchapter D identifies all Hazelwood Exemptions and waivers permitted by law.  TEC 54.545 specifies that courses that do not receive formula funding are ineligible for Hazelwood exemptions and waivers. Action Item:  Determine what the policy is at Lone Star College System for granting exemptions to this rule.  Such information should be posted on the CE webpage 

7. Comments:  F1 Student Taking ESL Via CE: Student Services Council (SSC) recently discussed the ESL program mangers/CE Council proposal recommending that a foreign student qualify as a full-time student with a combination of credit and CE enrollments equivalent to 18 contact hours per week for a 16-week semester. SSC has presented the CE Council with a series of questions relevant to F1 students enrolled in CE courses. Discussion followed.  The CE Council recommended that the issues and concerns be forwarded to the ESL Curriculum Team for discussion.  The Council feels it is highly unlikely that any CE student would be enrolled in 18 contact hours of instruction for a 16-week period.  All CE-linked to ESL courses are coded as Type 3 (leisure) and are non-funded and therefore do not have a workforce pathway.  

    Agenda Item 
8. Printing CE Certificates from My Records: Deferred 

9. CE Workgroups: Purpose, Facilitation: Council members felt that the CE Workgroup has been effective and needs to prepare meeting minutes and recommendations to the CE Council. Council members were asked to review the purpose of the CE Workgroup and e-mail any questions/concerns to Sunny Cooke before the next scheduled meeting.  Terry will ask that this item be placed back on the agenda for full discussion. 

10. CE District Councils:  Documentation of Action Items for CE Council: Deferred 

11. Dates for Retreat and July Meeting: There will NOT be a CE Council meeting during July.  The next CE Council meeting is August 7th following CESD at 11:30 am at System Office. 
Respectfully submitted

Terry Sawma

Vice President for Student Services and Continuing Education