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CE Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Meeting
Lone Star System Office, Room 112
Members (those present are underlined):  Abdul Tamimi (CF), Robin Garrett (K), Linda Head (M - interim chair), Jimmy Adams (NH), Katherine Miller (T), Susanne Thaler (SO). AVC Workforce: Ricardo Solis
Guests: Sal Mira, Pat McDougall, Rika Muhl, Christina Hinkson represented NH in Jimmy's absence
  Agenda Item/Discussion Action Item
  Approval of Meeting Notes: June 3, 2008 Committee Approved
  Entrepreneurship - Collaboration between all Stakeholders - Claire Phillips and Abdul Tamimi
Claire presented her research from Johnson County and Anne Arundel Community Colleges' entrepreneurship programs.  She and Abdul recommend we invite Donna Duffy with JCCD to lead a strategic planning meeting to develop a collaborative program for LSC that would include Credit, CE, & SBDC .  Katherine requested the enrollment and program success data Donna as part of the meeting..
  Ricardo Solis, Abdul Tamimi, Claire Phillips,
Ricardo will check his budget to see if he can fund Donna Duffy's consulting fee and expenses (approx $5000), but it may have to be shared between the colleges. Possible date 9/19/2008
  Workforce Council Update
• Workforce MSAs
• Corporate Training update: Ricardo reported the LSC-SO is proceeding with Greenspoint as location, HR is finalizing job descriptions which will be presented at the CT meeting scheduled for July 22. Decided to start out with two or three industries to begin with.
  MSA Project: Ricardo will follow up with Eileen Booher and Susanne Thaler and report status of the MSA project to CE council members. Corporate Training Update - No follow up required.
  SBDC and CE - synergy
Entrepreneurial Venture, Saturday, October 4
Sal Mira - update on courses being offered by the SBDC.  Also wants to understand what classes are available on the campuses for his clients.  Initiatives - work close with college, chambers & training programs.   Sal will add CE Council and the Credit Dept Chairs to the e-blast mailing list.  http://www.lonestar.edu/sbdc - business training menu of classes and registration.
Linda and Ricardo invited Sal to report monthly to CE Council
  CE Forms Update - for vote item
• Registration: approved. 
• Certificates - Course & Workforce 
• Transcript  Linda Head will submit final document to Jed Young to create with the assistance from Danny Osburn. Ricardo will ask Sherry to order for all colleges and handle the JE to pay. Linda will verify that the college contact information is printed on the back of the registration form in the Spring 2009 printed schedule.
Certificates - remove college name from bottom logo and it will say Lone Star College System. Individual college name will be printed by each college in the content area at the bottom below the instructors name  Lone Star College - Montgomery, Lone Star College - Kingwood, Lone Star College - Tomball, Lone Star College - North Harris, Lone Star College - CyFair
Linda Head and Susanne still working to find the company that printed transcripts and will keep CE Council updated on progress
  CE Course Pricing Review
see Continuing Education Pricing Schedule
  CE Council Approved Proposal with the following modifications
add workshops and seminar exception "pricing to be determined based on current market comparisons."
Child Development Associate $6/contact hour for lecture and $3/contact hour for lab
3rd party vendor - remove all except Ed2Go and Cut a Rug Dance Studio and change wording to "Vendor information will be brought to CE Council for information sharing."
Temporarily remove Linked Course Pricing because of fees - DL Fee & General Use Fee
Linda will summarize and Ricardo will take the CE pricing to the August 7 Board meeting for approval.
  CE Spring 2009 Schedule:
• Schedule Marketing Committee Update
• Content Committee Update (Pat McDougall)  CE Spring Schedule - Linda said that Steve Lestarjette told PIC that they need to get content for Ads for CE Schedule, 2 full pages of ads now.
Pat McDougal -- July 21 need all Master Courses and data updated.  September 19 - section input deadline. 
State Reporting - proactive approach to avoid using expired WECM courses to avoid losing funding.
Topic Codes - updated to better align courses with main topics
  Web Projects, 5 minute updates:
• CE registration project (Marian Burkhart)
• Web redesign (Jen Murillo)
• Web content & usage (Rika Muhl) 
Linda and Robin Updated Council on CE Registration Project Progress. Everyone agreed to the enhancements to the CE Registration request.  Robin will put it into the Business Process Format as requested by Kim Baker.
No Update On Web Redesign
Rika - Web Update.  76 unused pages have been deleted. (25% of the current pages).  Raised question of the Workforce IQ page - Ricardo will review and determine whether this site should remain up.
  State Reporting - CE Archived Course List for August 2008
End dates several months out because of final grades, build the end date for the last day of class State Reporting - proactive approach to avoid using expired WECM courses to avoid losing funding.
9 Determine CE Program Manager training date and topics:
• Building courses
• Building Sections
• Learning Outcomes
• Pricing Schedule
• State Reporting - What to watch for
• Workforce Programs - new program development Tabled until next meeting
10 Determine Next Meeting Date/Time Place ????????????????