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CE Council

August 7, 2007

11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Training and Development Center Room 112 

Meeting Notes



Attending:       Katherine Miller, Linda Head, Abdul Tamimi, Terry Sawma, Cher Brock,                                             Christal Albrecht, Patricia McDougall


Guest:             Elaine Myers, KC Student Services


 Terry called the meeting to order at 12:10. Committee members agreed that future meetings would remain Tuesdays from 11:30 - 2:00 PM on the first Tuesday of the month with the next meeting September 4, 2007.

 Web Registration: Elaine Myers
 Elaine Myers demonstrated the CE registration process and some of the issues with this. 

Student Status - problem with the wording of non-credit courses or CE courses that do not carry college credit
Issues with students having to input their social security number (an 88 can be placed in front of the student ID if a SSN is not given but it causes another problem of creating duplicate records.)
To update student information, students have to go to an Application Completion Checklist that is really not an application at all....it is really a screen to update student information. Could be called ‘my account information'.  It is confusing.
Unexpected Error Occurred message often occurs after students complete the Application Completion Checklist. Students hit the back button and then resubmit and then it will work the second time but how would anyone know that.
Students get an Application Success screen, which is a dead end screen that does not provide any information about where the student should go after this.
We need to have someone go through the registration process step-by-step and identify where there are issues and dead ends.
We will invite Tom Hill and Andy Oswald to the next meeting to discuss the web issues. Linda Head suggested that we put tips on registering on-line in the back of the schedule. Meanwhile, Linda will send Council Members what MC includes in their CE schedule so we can all do something similar.

 Curriculum Team Update:
 The team updated the CE Representatives to the 2007-08 Curriculum Team form. Terry will send out the revised document for final input from the Council. He will forward the final chart to Linda Luehrs-Wolfe.

 Rider 50 and CE linked-to-credit courses:
 Terry discussed an issue regarding students registering as CE students in linked classes multiple times (ceramics courses). He will handle this issue on individual basis. He asked that we send a list of any CE courses that we think should be included on the Rider 50 Course Exception List.

 CIF Update:
 The CIF project has one more update that will result in some slight modifications but it is otherwise complete. Patti will offer an ‘open lab' training on the use of the CIF early September. Patti will also add a FAQ section that would help users along with problems as they are creating CIF's. She will meet with each campus CE program Managers to get their input on what some of the issues are.

 Hazelwood Exemptions:  A Follow-up
 Only funded CE courses are eligible for Hazelwood Exemptions. There are no exceptions.

 CE Workgroup: A Follow-up
 Council agreed that we should identify the chair and members of each of these groups (CE Workgroup, BTC, CIT, and TCP).  Minutes from the previous meeting should be included the next agenda and be posted on the CE Resource site. Patti McDougal will post these minutes.

 Posting of CE Meeting Notes:  
 This website needs to be updated. It was recommended that in the meantime, Patti McDougal post the minutes under CE Resources.

 Printing CE Certificates from My Records:
 No longer a discussion item.  Resolved.

 CE District Councils:
 The membership of each Council must be posted on the web under the CE Resources. Council agreed to review the membership.  Each Council member will provide Terry with the list of who attends each of the meetings, who is the chair and when they meet.

 CEU's for Employees or My Workshops ?
 Council discussed the difference between employees signing up for non-funded professional development through a CE course verses signing up through My Workshops. Discussion centered about using the CIF process to create a course for employee professional development and enrolling via Colleague or simply using My Workshops.  Terry agreed to ask HR the question to see if it makes a difference to them. 

 Payment Plan:
 Council would like to explore a payment plan for some CE courses. Terry, Linda and Abdul will draft a proposal for consideration. This team will also discuss foundation scholarships for CE workforce students.

 MOU for CE Faculty Review:

 Discovery College e-Release Form:

 Rubric and Number: 

 Articulation List    
 Effective fall 2005, all CE courses offered as linked-to-credit are eligible to receive college credit. Students must apply for college credit though the PLA process 

 CE Refund Policy:

 GED Cost Increases:

 Pricing Exceptions:
 Patti brought up the issue of several requests for pricing exceptions. Council agreed that any exceptions to pricing would be discussed by the Council prior to being submitted on the CIF.  Also in spring 2008, there will be a $2.00 per credit hour increase in CE courses that are offered as linked classes for a general use fee. We will need to therefore adjust the prices of CE linked classes. These changes will be done as a blanket change to the master.

 CE Roll Sheets:

 Call to Adjourn:
 The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM. Next meeting Sept 4, 2007 11:30 - 2:00 pm.