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CE Council
September 4, 2007
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Training and Development Center Room 112
Meeting Notes
Present:          Laurie Bernier, Abdul Tamimi, Katherine Miller, Terry Sawma,
Christal Albrecht, Jimmy Adams
Guests:           Tom Hill, George Crossland, and Denise Chatum
Council reviewed and approved the minutes of the August 7, 2007.
  Agenda Item Action Items
1. CE Web Registration:
Council shared some of the issues of CE on-line registration with Tom Hill and Denise Chatum. The application should not be called an application but rather "My Account Information" or something similar. After the ‘application' is complete, the next link does not even go to a CE registration, it went to a credit website. Several other issues were identified. Linda mentioned that we have looked at a product from Augustsoft last year. Tom indicated that using a third party vendor may allow for a quicker fix than having the process re-programmed.
Terry will send Tom the information regarding Augustsoft. 
A small subcommittee will be formed to address the issues (Terry, Abdul, Denise, George, Jimmy, Linda) and they will make recommendations to the Council. The committee will make recommendations to streamline the online registration process, simplify the process for end users, and mirror the hard copy of the CE registration forms.
2. General Use Fee $2 Per Credit Hour:
In spring 2008, credit students will pay a $2 per credit hour general use fee. This will affect our students who take CE courses that are linked to credit courses.
Terry will refer to Patti McDougal and ask her if there is a way to include the general use fee in a CIF field so that the total tuition will equal that of the credit student. Terry will ask Patti if this can be done at the course level and by district.
  Agenda Item Action Items
3. Removal of CE/Credit Linked Prerequisite Exception List:
4. Changes to ESL Rubrics and Numbers:
  Terry will request that Patti McDougal build the CE mirror courses for these new ESL courses.
5. WECM Archived Courses 8/31/07:
Courses were recently archived.  
Terry reminded everyone to review the archived WECM courses prior to offering the courses the next semester. Terry will ask LLW who at the district should be responsible to clean up our CE inventory when courses are archived.
Should this be Patti McDougal?
6. Special Topics Still Active After 2 Years:
This list has not been received yet but will soon and we need someone to review the list and clean up the inventory.  
Terry will ask LLW who at the district should be responsible to clean up our CE inventory when special topics courses are expired. Should this be Patti McDougal?
7. Update Of CE/ Credit Masters as a Result of the Credit Catalog Review on All Courses: FYI:   no action at this time.
8. Lab Fee Additions for Credit Courses 2007-2008:
When lab fees are added to credit courses that are linked to CE courses, the CE course should increase to the same price.  
Terry will ask LLW who should be responsible at the district level to clean up our CE inventory when lab fees are approved by the board and added to courses. Should this be Patti McDougal?
  Agenda Item Action Items
9. MOU for CE Faculty Review:
Each college is apparently using different forms for an MOU although all colleges should use the same MOA. Some council members do not see the need for the form.
Council agreed to bring the MOA's being used for CE to the next meeting.
10. Discovery College e-Release Form:
Council discussed making the form available on-line so that parents can download and e-mail, fax or bring the forms in. Ultimately we would like to explore creating a Discovery College e-Release form.  
Terry will discuss the e-form with Tom Hill. In the meantime, any campus that would like to may choose to put the Discovery Release form on-line in a PDF. An alternative is that CE program managers create a new registration form that would encompass the three separate registration forms for Discovery College. Linda suggested that Angela Colton and Abdul suggested Terri Hill draft a form and send back to the Council.  
11. Rubric and Number: Defer until next meeting
12. CE Refund Policy:
Council discussed how refunds for dropped CE courses are handled.  Refund policy is in the printed schedules.  No action required.
13. 2008 ED2GO Price Change Notification:
There is a price increase for these courses. The Council discussed whether we should also increase our fees.  
CIT workgroup will meet to review the pricing on all ED2Go courses and make recommendations regarding changes.
14. CE Roll Sheets: Defer until next meeting. Workgroup will submit comments to Council.
15. Curriculum Teams Membership Chart: Completed.
  Agenda Item Action Items
16. Adjunct Salary Increase:  Budget Impact:
CE salaries have increased to as much as $37.80 for CE faculty. There is an allocation coming from the District to cover both the credit and CE salary increases. However, the increased salary paid to faculty causes the cost to offer the course to increase.
Council agreed that we need to review the CE course pricing and consider revising.
17. Payment Plan Proposal:
Linda, Abdul and Terry developed a proposal to enable CE students to have payment plans through Touchnet. Tom Hill suggested that we meet with Cindy Hiza regarding how to determine payment dates for shorter CE courses.. Council approved the concept of providing payment plans for CE students. Linda noted that there are many CE students who take a series of courses that ultimately cost several hundred or thousand dollars but according to the current criteria, these students would not be eligible for a payment plan.
Terry, Linda and Abdul will set up an appointment to meet with Cindy Hiza regarding the payment plan.
18. Announcements: None
19. Next Meeting Date: October 2, 2007
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
20. Call for Adjournment:
  The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 pm