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 CE Council
Thursday, September 4, 2008
9 am - 11:30 am
Lone Star System Office, Room 112
Members:  Janet Taber (CF), Robin Garrett (K), Linda Head (M - chair), Jimmy Adams (NH), Katherine Miller (T) Guests: Susanne Thaler, Linda Luehrs-Wolfe, Pat McDougall
  Agenda Item Action
  Call to Order 
(9:00) Remarks by Dr. Key
• Rand noted Ricardo Solis' departure and Linda's acceptance of interim AVC Workforce Development.
• In researching CE historical data, CE has remained flat and community seemed to be the main driver. He feels there are additional opportunities for growth such as youth and adding additional classes when facilities are available and future possibilities under the agreement with the Woodlands Fire Department.
• Comments were made regarding competitive reporting issues as to allocation models and a consolidated report was proposed.
• Discussion ensued on homeschooling as a focus group has been scheduled on September 15 by Steve Lestarjette. Linda will attend as well as representatives from various colleges.
• Corporate College will play a vital role in the future and reporting structure was briefly discussed as well as the necessity for support from colleges. Corporate College's markup will be 75 percent (from 25 percent) so this will need to be taken into consideration when quoting CE and determining if actually contract training.
• The CE schedule consolidation is progressing for spring printing, and he complimented Pat McDougall's efforts.
• Rand also indicated that he would like to see the council include more members, and that Linda would discuss later in the meeting.  
Linda will contact Siobhan Fleming to develop system reporting for CE
  Regular Business/Old Business: 
  Approval of Meeting Notes: August, 2008, for vote item Linda will confirm/change the CE Schedule proposed calendar.
(9:40) Corporate College Update:
• Kickoff meeting for team members was September 3.
• There are currently four business training consultants and three implementation managers in place with openings at CyFair and Montgomery. There will also be a full-time temporary implementation manager for the airport account as well as to handle overload at various locations for the next six months. College coordinators will assist until these positions are filled. The department coordinator position has been elevated to business manager but suggestion was made that this should be a DOM. The corporate college structure will be adjusted as needed as new division develops.
• The group goal is $1.25M the first year and $2.25M the next.
• This is a collaborative effort with colleges with the intent of generating revenues for reinvestment.
• CE Council members were asked to be the "campus champions" for the Corporate College.
• Susanne will be a regular guest at the CE Council meetings. Linda will meet with Rand regarding budgeting of funds from colleges and report findings to council members.
3 SBCD Collaboration Update:
October 5 seminar Sal Mira did not attend
(10:00) Workforce Council Update
• Workforce Council membership (recommendations)
Proposed membership: one workforce credit dean and one CE dean/VP from each college, program manager Workforce Development, SBDC, and Christina Todd with the AVC Workforce Development as facilitator. Committee
(10:20) CE Forms Update
• CE Workgroup
Tomball:  Marilyn Silva, Candy Read
Kingwood:  Kathleen Quayle, Danny Osborn, Devon Alexander
North Harris:  Kathy Bible
CyFair:  Terri Hill
Montgomery:  Cynthia Schoppa and DOM (need name) 
(10:30) CE Course Pricing Review , update:
• So far there are no board questions
• No change in tech fees
• General use fee will be applied to general fund using separate CE GL code.
• DL fee - Only fully online linked to credit course
• EC seminar question response: No less than $99 per person for tuition per eight-hour day.
  • Linda will send email about automated/manual process required to update pricing after board approval to begin section building.
• Linda will check with Jim Davis regarding status.
(10:45) CE Spring 2009 Schedule, update:
• Schedule Marketing Committee (Steve Lestarjette) Cover, Ads and Marketing
• Schedule Content Committee (Pat McDougall)
• 1. Info & registration pages
• 2. Ed2Go - done
• 3. Topic Codes - done
• 4. CE linked to credit course descriptions
• 5. Duplicate course clean up
• 6. GED collaboration
• 7. New pricing - spring or summer 2009?
• 8. Fees for linked classes - spring or summer 2009?
Pat McDougall addressed policy issues to determine consistency and verbiage to be used.  She noted that the schedule consolidation was a team effort, and that everyone had been very supportive.
Steve Lestarjette did not attend.
Linda will contact VPADs to determine fees for returned checks.
Linda will contact VPADs regarding payee designation for checks.
Pat will incorporate agreed upon content into CE schedule.
(11:15) CE Content Groups - program managers - chair updates:
Begin in October
  New Business 
  CE Payment Plans - TCP and other programs - table until October 
(11:25) State Reporting:
• Field for ALL and adult leisure grades - delete it - For vote item
  Delane Maddux did not attend
  Confirm Next Meeting Date/Time Place
Proposed Date October 14 :  9:00-11:00 a.m. 
11 Additional Items
• Difference between workforce and economic development
• Functionality of grants as currently structured
• Internal summit/think tank
• Methods of sharing documents: Outlook vs. website (CE Resources) 
* Other CE/Corporate College Projects in Progress (status):
1. CE Registration Update/Corrections (My Records) - in progress (Kim Baker)
2. CE Forms:
1. Registration - complete
2. Certificates - complete
3. CE Redesign - Review of Content - in progress (Rika Muhl)
4. CE Web Redesign - in progress (Jen Murillo)
5. CE Course Pricing Proposal - Linda Head supplied additional information; Board agenda item, September 4, 2008
6. Corporate Training Restructure - Effective September 1, 2008
7. MOA (recommendations sent to LSCS HR on November 29, 2007, tabled until Jean Grove finalizes)
8. CE Spring 2009 Schedule:
• a. Ed2Go - done
• b. Topic Codes - done
• c. CE linked to credit course descriptions
• d. Duplicate course clean up
• e. GED collaboration
• f. CE Workforce Certificate consolidated list - complete - for Workforce Council discussion, September meeting
There was concern regarding finish on certificate.  In checking with publications, capability to print was noted in specs. Beatrice Apanda at CyFair printed test and reported no problems.