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CE Council
October 2, 2007
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Training and Development Center Room 112 
Meeting Notes
Attendance:                         Katherine Miller, Linda Head, Terry Sawma, Christal Albrecht, and
Craig Coleman for Jimmy Adams.
  Agenda Item Comments
Call to Order:
Approval of Meeting Notes:
September 4, 2007
  Meeting to order at 11:40 am
The meeting notes of September 4th were approved as written.  
CE Web Registration Update:
  A small subcommittee met on September 24 by phone (Terry, Abdul, Denise, and George) to plan for the meeting with IT. Denise will schedule the follow-up meeting. Send Terry any additional topics for the upcoming meeting. 
Expressed concerns include: e-release for Discovery College by Feb 28th, default to short title (WECM) and the confusion it carries for students, dead-end paths, shopping cart, and the generation of registration and payment receipt. 
General Use Fee $2 Per Credit Hour Update: There was a meeting on September 18th with Glen Wood, Priscilla Strawbridge, Pat MacDougal, Christina Todd and Terry Sawma to discuss the General Use Fee and how to populate in a CIF field.  Terry and others will meet with Tom Hill and James Silva to discuss this.
IT should be able to update the credit-course masters.  Because of the late date, and the fact that Spring 2008 schedules are already downloaded, Council decided to implement a General Use fee for CE linked courses beginning Summer 2008.
CE/Credit Linked Prerequisite Exception List: Update
  Council requests that the list be added back to the website and that Christina Todd research any new courses that have been added since fall 2003 so that they could also be added to the exception list.
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ESL Rubrics and Numbers: Update
  LLW will contact the CB to determine if it is possible to link WECM ESL to the ACGM ESL if we supplemented the instruction for the CE students with workforce application materials.
CE Inventory Clean-up: Terry suggested that the maintenance of the CE inventory with respect Special Topics, Archived Pending, Archived Courses, Credit Linked Master, etc. be a District Centered function.  This is on hold until workforce staffing at district is determined.
Rider 50 Exception List: Update If a student is enrolling in a credit class for the third time... Rider 50 is invoked and the student must pay the higher tuition rate unless the course is on the Rider 50 Exception List. There is no need to provide a CE Rider 50 Exception List.
Rider 50 will not be invoked for CE students enrolling in a credit linked section. 
Payment Plan Proposal Update: Sawma met with Hiza and Boley on September 25th.  He provided us with an update on the meeting. Philosophically Hiza and Boley are in favor of a payment plan for CE. However a payment plan for CE would not be available until fall 2008 at the very earliest. Council will ask CE Program managers to identify programs or courses that we would like to have eligible for a payment plan, course length of time, and contact hours. Terry will ask Cindy to contact TouchNet to obtain the list of companies in Texas that they serve.
Lab Fee Additions: Board must approve all new lab fees. Priscilla will add any new lab fees to linked CE courses and communicate these changes to the Council.
Update to Credit Master: Glen updates/fixes discrepancies on credit side and Priscilla on the CE side.
MOU for CE Faculty or Assignment: Defer until we have a complete set of MOA's from each campus. Linda will collect them for the next meeting.
Ed2Go Price Changes: Consensus reached.  Ed2Go new pricing spreadsheet was sent to Priscilla on September 19th. Priscilla will update when appropriate for January price increases.
When building Ed2Go sections in the Spring schedules, be sure to check the course pricing.
  Agenda Item Comments

Discovery College e-Release Form Terry will meet with Tom Hill about establishing an on-line parental release form (and permission to photograph and use pictures in promotion of the program). This must be in-place by February 2008 for Su '08.
CE Roll Sheets: Defer. Comments have not come in yet from the committee members.
CE Pricing Review:
  Council reviewed the recommendations to increase the pricing for CE stand-alone courses. There was some concern expressed about the increased tuition which may be a hardship on students. Council will discuss at a future meeting and decide what type of data would be useful for us to be able to make a decision.
Memberships: Terry presented a list of the various councils including TCP. CIT, Allied Health, BTC, CE WorkGroup, ALL, CE Marketing Council. Linda noted that we need to add an ESL, Law Enforcement, and Applied Technology committees. All of the committees should meet at least one time per semester and forward meeting notes and recommendations to the CE Council.
Salaries Outside Pricing Range Any salaries outside the approved CE salary structure must be approved by the CE Council. Terry will send this information to Council members for distribution to the appropriate individuals.

Next Meeting date
  November 6,, 2007
  1:51 pm.